Monday, April 22, 2013

Team Spirit----Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Linking  up again this  week for Trendy Tot Tuesday with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan!

In case you aren't a daily reader, we are big Cardinal's baseball  fans in this house. Well, I should say that *Lee* is a big fan---I became a fan after we starting dating....and while I'm not normally much of a sports person, baseball is my favorite sport to watch. I don't watch EVERY game like Lee does, but I do watch quite a few and I know most of the players and such. We also attend at least a couple games each year. (This year we are taking the girls to a game in August and then Lee and I are doing a kid-free trip to watch them play in September, and we'll probably watch two games that weekend since  the kids will be with Grandma and Grandpa ;-)

So anyways, of course  I have to merge my love of children's clothing and Lee's love of Cardinals baseball hehe. I  found this Etsy shop Artifact Handmade and loved  the cute little  dresses she made out  of men's I ordered matching ones for the girls! She was awesome to work with and super fast shipping. She doesn't  have  any other  teams that  I  remember seeing, but she might be able to make some if you ask! She does have some cute dresses in the same style that she made out of Mario shirts, for video game fans. (The dresses are  a little more money than I typically  spend  on a dress--but  to be honest  logo apparel is just plain expensive regardless. You can easily spend $20 on a basic tshirt at the store---so these really weren't  bad at all considering how cute and unique they are compared to a basic logo tee :-)  Plus, these will  last at least two years---they can eventually wear them as tunics and shirts with jeans!  ....and yes, I do realize many people wonder  why  I would  *buy* something like this  when  I know how to sew. But I've  learned  over  the last  couple years that I  don't really enjoying sewing....I  enjoy doing my applique type "sewing", but when it comes to actually sewing things like dresses I just don't care for it, so I'd rather pay someone to do it for me!

These are their  "can we have our fruit  snacks  now please?" faces hehe
And because ya'll  know how  much I  love editing  one  million pics of each photoshoot, here are a ton more from today!

Gotta throw in plenty of silly poses!

Here comes her supermodel pose!

Nailed  it :-)


  1. Those are the cutest!! Great way to combine his love and yours :)

  2. Love these dresses!!! Lee has the cutest baby girls a daddy could have!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. These are so cute!! Even though you guys are Cardinal fans and not Red Sox fans....still cute! Haha

  4. love their silly faces (and your cute header!)

  5. Haha, they sure do cooperate well! These are priceless and I'm loving the outfits! And I feel the same way... I'd rather pay someone to do it for me... especially when I know how it would turn out if I tried it myself!

  6. LOVE these! You must be a fellow St. Louis blogger :) I am going to go check out the Etsy site, my daughter just grew out of her Cardinals tee and this is MUCH cuter than just a t-shirt! Be sure to check out my Trendy Tot post:

  7. I am definitely going to check out this website! There is definitely a love of sports in our house!

  8. What a fun way to dress up athletic wear! Love the bows/headbands you paired with the dresses. Adorable.

  9. They'd be stinking cute wearing anything, even *Cardinal* dresses. Just teasing. She did a great job!

  10. Oh my cuteness! Love the dresses. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. I will definitely be following yours now!


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