Monday, April 22, 2013

The big birthday party recap!

Raya had a blast at Sawyer's birthday party at the Children's Museum yesterday. Check out all the pics!

They started by decorating birthday crowns

The museum provided the cake as part of the party package

There  were  a limited number of kids who could come as part of the party package. Originally I was going to take Brielle to do something else during the party, but then Emily asked me to take pics so we stayed. It was kind of pitiful because Brielle kept saying "where's my chair?" and during cake she said "I hungee" lol...poor thing was left out! ;-) Luckily I had a sucker in my purse to entertain her a little bit.

There was quite a "cat fight" going on between Raya  and this  little  girl. Sawyer's mom is friend's with  Ava's mom...and Ava and Sawyer go to preschool together and their  moms kind of set them up to be a little couple.Well this does NOT sit well with Raya....she did not  let Sawyer  out of her  sight and was super clingy, making sure that all his party guests knew that he was HERS lol. (Ava will actually end up being in Raya's  kindergarten class because she's a summer birthday and doing AK, so this should be interesting if the girls have  to coexist at school and Raya finds out that Ava has her little mitts on Sawyer :-P)

This was pretty much Raya  the whole time lol

Kissing him!

Notice Raya, sitting on *Sawyer's* chair! She was not about to let Ava sit next  to Sawyer...she squeezed her butt  right on in there between them ;-)

Then they got to play in the museum for awhile after making their crowns

Wait, Ava and  Sawyer  have a child now?! Raya, are you seeing this??? hehe

Harper and Sawyer's little cousin Fletcher  were also there , but  like Brielle  they weren't part of the party room.

There's Fletcher!

The boys  got  pretty wild, feeding my brother pizza  with  spiders  on it, etc. lol

Brielle was  pretty pouty---she didn't like all  the people. But  here she did play with  trains for a bit.

My girls wanted to climb too!

Brielle was able to climb up a little bit...good for her age!

Raya is my scaredy cat. But  she  wanted  to climb so bad! She stepped on this  bench and then stood on one "rock" and hung there, so proud of herself for climbing up so high lol

Then we went back to the party room---Sawyer  was ready to blow out his candles!

Ready to open presents!

He had quite an audience for opening presents :-)

Raya got him a knight dress-up costume---Emily said  it  was the first thing he wanted to play with when he got home!

All  the kids  signed a shirt  for Sawyer to take home

This was the end of the party when the "babies" were able to come in. They  were so happy to finally sit in the coveted chairs lol. (So Brielle and Fletcher are both Harper's cousins, differnet  sides of the family---how cute is this  trio?)

And now Raya  keep saying "I'm so excited for MY party! Is it tomorrow?" ....because we had always told her that her birthday comes after Sawyers. So not the countdown begins for our Omaho Zoo trip next month---yay! I also ordered Raya's birthday crown and cake topper (both Little Mermaid theme) for her little pizza and cake "party" that we will have on her actual birthday---just for immediate family, so about 6 people :-P But since we are skipping a real party this year, and going on a trip instead, I still needed to find a way for  Raya  to get the whole cake, singing Happy Birthday  experience, since  she really likes that! I'm making  her  a little mermaid birthday shirt to go with the crown, that she will wear to preschool for her birthday as well.

Happy Monday  everyone!


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time, how fun

  2. The museum party is such a good idea! And, looks like it was so much fun. But, poor Brielle! :(

  3. Great pics!!!! Poor Raya had to keep her eye on Sawyer all day to protect him from the other women!!!!!!! I can just here poor little Brielle askng where her chair and cake were!!!!!
    Love,Grama F

  4. Great pics, but poor Brielle!! And I have to say, I love the top that Brielle is wearing in the pics =)

  5. I love Sawyer's hat!

    My heart just broke for Brielle! Poor little thing!

  6. That looks like a GREAT party! Logan keeps asking about Charlie's birthday (which is tomorrow) so I understand Raya and the constant asking. And their poor sad face when you tell them it isn't today!

  7. Ok so where is this museum? Cedar Rapids? Iowa City? We need to take a day trip with the girls and take them there... we dont have one in des moines!


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