Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sorry you guys, you'll probably get whiplash with all the topics I'm  going to cover in one post tonight!

First, how about a little update  on my Etsy shop, No Paparazzi Please :-)  My shop is currently  on vacation until  later next month, but I am accepting a few orders while on vacation so if something comes up and you need to order just shoot me a message through Etsy and I'll get right back to you!

Today I made Raya's birthday shirt---as you saw in my earlier post we aren't  doing a big party this year, and instead going on a birthday vacation, but she still needed a birthday outfit :-)  I made the shirt and I ordered the crown from Two Little Bluebirds , just like I did for Brielle's last birthday. I had already promised Raya her own crown before deciding not to do a big party, so I had to follow through. Stephanie at Two Little Bluebirds is the nicest Etsy seller---her stuff is so adorable and she went above and beyond to order Little Mermaid ribbon especially for us to match the fabric I had already purchased for Raya's shirt. She sent us pictures asking about color choices, etc. during the whole process so that Raya could design the crown to her very exacting specifications LOL. In the end Stephanie exceeded Raya's expectations and she's very happy with her crown! (A fashion show closer to her birthday will appear on the blog :-)

And the good thing about the girls having way too many clothes? When you suddenly decide that some sort of tutu would really complete the outfit, so you go "shopping" in your bin of clothes and find the perfect thing that you already own hehe. The skirt is Naartjie!

Here are some of the  other cute, custom shirts I've  made  recently! My customers  have been coming up with cute ideas! :-)

Switching gears, here  is that picture Raya  drew of me that I mentioned in yesterday's post---the one where I commented on the  crazy hair and she told me that's just what I look like :-P

Here is a random picture of the girls  looking cute yesterday. Brielle's dress is from that Harajuku Mini  line that  Target carries/used to carry. I got this dress on ebay awhile  back. (Raya is wearing a too big Minnie  shirt from Kohls...I wasn't going to argue with her, even though the shirt was really for later. ;-)

Brielle is still doing well with  being potty trained---yay! She spends  a lot of time pantless though, because it's annoying to mess with pants  when she wants to pee every 20 minutes :-P

Here are those "wild"  curtains I bought at Target for the living room. I now  need some throw pillows, etc. to match haha. They were only like $14 per panel, so cheap enough that you could use them for a short time and change them out when chevron is no longer "cool"

I  had to laugh the  other day when I was  doing  laundry---clearly I am the mom of girls---look at all that pink! :-)

(As an aside, I never used to hang  dry the  girls' clothes, but then about 6 months ago I started to see how much of a difference it made. And seriously, it has made a huge difference! I was having a lot of trouble with pjs and sweaters piling, clothes fading prematurely, and weird shrinking---leggings shrinking up to 2 inches in length, shirts getting short and boxy, etc. Now things are staying nice much longer and am I able to catch and treat stains before the get set in by the dryer. Anyways, if you resell your clothes at all, or just want to keep them looking nicer to pass down  to subsequent children, I would highly recommend hang drying! ---I still do a quick no heat "fluff" for a few minutes  after everything is dry, to remove stiffness on certain items.)

Well that's  about  all  I have  for you tonight! My mom watched the girls  today so there isn't  much else to report. Hoping we can get to the park tomorrow though---fingers crossed that our warming trend continues like they predict!


  1. I love the picture that Raya drew...and no offense to you at all...but it kinda resembles Sponge Bob! hehe =)

    And your curtains! I LOVE them!! I so need to get new curtains and what not for our living room. I'm so tired of the ones we have.

    And I really should start hang drying a lot of Emma's clothes. My mother always tells me to, and I always ignore her. LOL

    1. does look like Sponge Bob!

  2. Raya's birthday outfit is super cute.

    Love your new curtains, I think they look great!

    I hang dry all of the girls shirts

  3. I hang dry some of my clothes, but I have never thought of hang drying my kids clothes. Do they wrinkle much? I need to look at your Etsy shop when it is open again. I love the curtains, chevron is def. in... I am working on a craft I plan to share on my blog soon and it has a little chevron! Old Navy also has a really cute rainbow chevron shirt that I ordered Autumn last night with their Stuff N Save sale.

    1. I don't have trouble with wrinkles---anything that is a little wrinkly after it's dry I just throw in for a quick fluff with a dryer sheet.

      Chevron is definitely in! :-)

  4. Raya's birthday shirt and crown are perfect! What day is her birthday?

    Our next house I must have a line to hang clothes on! I want to move so bad and our current laundry room is unfinished and would be a pain to hang one up. So that is a must-have I need to add my list :)

  5. Raya's birthday outfit is awesome!

  6. I love, love, love Raya's birthday outfit! The blue is so fun.

    I used to line dry all our clothes at our old house. Since moving, there is no way I can do that here because of how windy it is.


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