Friday, May 17, 2013

Another one bites the dust

Thanks  for all the comments on my last post---we did  have a lot of fun! Sorry I haven't  been very good about catching up on all of *your* blogs lately, but  sadly we jsut haven't been able to kick the sickness since  returning from vacation!

Raya's "urinary infection" ended  up being a mysterious virus---no UTI at all. She ended up getting  a rash on her body  and  even in her mouth! Luckily she hasn't puked since  the first day. Sadly  she  still had  a fever on Wednesday so she  had  to miss preschool on Thursday---her LAST day of preschool! I  felt bad---at least  they have a little farewell picnic on Tuesday that we can hopefully go to.

And then on Wednesday, almost exactly 24 hours  after Raya started complaining  of being sick at preschool, Miss Brielle spiked  a fever! This confirmed the virus and not the UTI we first thought. Luckily I caught it fast for Brielle and got her fever controlled before it made her  start to puke. But she spent a good chunk of Wednesday sleeping it off :-(

And just to  show you how quickly this  virus comes on, here  was Brielle playing  just about one hour before she spiked the fever!  (My parents found her a biked for $5 at a garage sale recently---she can't  quite figure out yet how to pedal it though)

Here's a picture of her in the morning when she was wearing her  cute ruffle  shorts :-P

So anyways, that  was our Wednesday! Luckily both girls  were feeling pretty great  once we kept them on fever meds, so my mom still watched them on Thursday  like normal. Here were the girls before they left.

Her shirt  said "I love my Papa" mom is  outta luck because Brielle calls  her "Donna" lol...not  many shirts that say "I love my Donna" on them ;-)

Yesterday we got our monogram swimsuit  from Dear Baby Boutique on facebook---she did  a free giveaway on facebook awhile back  and I  won! It's not actually made out of like the lycra swimsuit  material (it's cotton but lined on the inside) we may just  wear it as a romper/sunsuit because it's almost too cute just to wear for  swimming! lol :-)

For  some reason the little  bit of sun my girls got  on vacation makes them  look super  red when I take flash pictures inside  now---I appologize :-P

And now  for  a hilarious story. Last  night we  had dinner at my mom's  (like every Thursday) and decided last minute that Raya would  go to my brother's  house for a sleepover. Well she didn't  have any change of clothes so this morning my brother dress her in Sawyer's stuff! Apparently she thought it was kinda cool at first...and he took  her to Hardees and the park looking like this!!! But by the time she got home she was over it and very PO'd ....she said "I want to wear my beautiful clothes, I don't like  boy clothes!" :-P
I'm not a fan of boy clothes either as  you know, but  in defense of boys  everywhere  I  think Uncle John created an especially sad looking boy outfit haha :-P
She was much happier  after changing into her girlie clothes!

And lastly to  finish this very random post, some pics of Brielle  from today :-)

I really need to start taking pics outside...sorry for the  glare!

And  now  today *I* have started not to feel  very good, so  fingers crossed that  I'm not getting what the girls had! Off  to rest during nap time....happy Friday everyone!


  1. I hope everyone is on the mend!! I came home early from work with a stupid migraine!

  2. I'm glad the girls are feeling better, and hopefully you don't get what they had! What a good deal on the bike that your parents got! The picture makes it look brand new!
    Feel better and hope you guys enjoy your weekend =)

  3. I'm glad to hear that the girls are feeling better! Brielle looks so cute in her outfit today

  4. My Brielle looks soooooo cute in that blue outfit, her eyes pop!!!!! Poor Raya, she looks sooo much happier in her pink "fancy" dress, you know Shawna , I know some one that could make Brielle a shirt that says I love my Donna"!!!!!
    Love Grama F

  5. Oh no! It's at your house too?! Ugh! Willow had to miss preschool yesterday too and she was devastated! She probably could have gone because she was feeling better but I always like to be cautious with that stuff to prevent it spreading to others.

    I really hope you aren't getting it! Get lots of rest!!

    And, Raya in that outfit... poor girl! :)

  6. Poor Brielle!
    And you think you don't like boy clothes?! Try HAVING to buy them because there is no other option. WHOMP WHOMP!

  7. Ugh! It seems my kids always get sick one last time in May and then they are sick free all summer! I LOVE her swimsuit, isn't it just awesome to win? I haven't won a giveaway in awhile, but that was a good one to win!


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