Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cheapy McCheapsters ---Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking  up again for Trendy Tot Tuesday with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay!

Today I'm going to share the perfect outfit for all my fellow Cheapy McCheapsters out there ;-) Children's Place  had (and I believe still  does have) their "matchables" on sale for  $5---combined with a 20% coupon you get each piece for  only $4. These make awesome preschool  clothes for Raya because  she looks cute, but if she gets paint or something on her  outfit it's not the end of  the world. Right now I  think the bigger girls have the best matchables---which is great since  Raya outgrew Children's  Place baby girl section.

Here  is Raya modeling her  new matchables outfit---and a Hello Kitty necklace of course! :-P

I love the skorts for the  matchables...so comfy and yet "fancy" enough for Miss Raya. These tanks never used to  look right  on Raya, but she has really seemed to slim down recently and now they fit her  much better!

She likes to blink on purpose  now to mess  up my pictures lol

And  not to leave Brielle  out, here she is in another  inexpensive brand I love, Carters!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. They're both so cute! My 6 year old loves skorts for school!

  2. Very cute look for both of them!

  3. Those are both adorable and I love the vivid colors! I need some inexpensive clothes for when the kids are at Grandmas... they come home from school ok, but its at Grandma's house where they get dirty!! :)

  4. That last pic of Raya makes her look like a little punk rocker!
    Have I mentioned (complained) that girls clothes is so much cuter than boys?!

  5. I love the children's place. I've gotten a lot of the girls summer stuff there

  6. I love that Children's Place skort, the blue stripes, so cute!

  7. What cute outfits!!!!! I have been cheap lately too! Olivia always comes home with paint, markers, etc all over her clothes so I have been buying most of her "school" clothes at Walmart and target actually!! LUCKILY everything has been coming out in the wash! haha

    Thanks for linking up!! :)


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