Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Epic Omaha Vacation Picture Post

Finally sitting down to do this epic (aka LONG) vacation post.  Sit back and enjoy all the pics! ;-)

We left Thursday after lunch to  head to Omaha---the drive was a little  over 4 hours. We had DVD players and lots of wasn't *too* miserable (although my girls are not good roadtrippers....Sawyer however was very good!)

This  first  picture cracks me up every time I look at it. We had just given all the kids rice krispie treats litterally *minutes* before, and suddenly Lee almost drives off the interstate because he had looked in the rear view mirror and thought Brielle had choked to death  (now obviously the idea of choking isn't funny....but Lee's horror was hilarious when we realized that Brielle had just passed out cold, sound asleep with a chunk of rice  krispie still stuck to her cheek hehe)

....and soon the big kids  were sound asleep too ;-)

Once we got to the hotel (We stayed at the  Best Western Kelly Inn---decently nice hotel with a Perkins attached --yummy breakfast! ---but  the real selling point was the pool just perfect for little kids! If  you have kids ages 8 and under I highly recommend it!)

The kids were so excited  to go swimming that they didn't even want to eat supper first---so we got everyone changed and headed right down to the pool!

After a quick  swim we got everyone dressed again and headed to supper at McDonalds (and let them play in the playland for awhile)

Ready to eat at "Old McDonalds" :-)
Then they  immediately want to swim again when  we got  back, so into suits and down to the pool  we went again!

Tragically this  was the first, and LAST, time that Brielle wore this swimsuit. We checked the room over 100 times before we left but  somehow her  suit didn't make it home with us---so sad :-(

Since the  pool was 3ft deep at it's very deepest Sawyer  could touch everywhere and had a ball. He LOVED the big  slide! Raya is very cautious and refuses to wear floaties...she  does not like to be in water if she can't touch the bottom, no matter what floaties she's wearing or even if you are holding her. So she had to stay in the shallower part because she's a few inches shorter than Sawyer. We did however get her to go down the big slide a few times. And then there was Brielle, our little fish! She was "swimming" all over in her floaties....and she was obsessed with the slides---both the little and big one! That kid has absolutely no fear.

Raya, cautious  even on the little slide hehe. Gotta love her!

"I swimming...I swimming  Mama...."  That's what she kept telling us! :-)

For a hotel pool the kids thought this was amazing....and it was dead there Thursday  night we were there....and even Friday it wasn't bad at all. Lucky!


Brielle was NOT happy about having to leave  the pool!

Tantrum city :-P
PJ party!
Sawyer  and Raya slept in sleeping bags on the floor  and Brielle  slept in bed with me. Overall they slept well and woke up ready to head to the zoo!

I had  intended to make them  matching shirts for the zoo but  never  got around to it...oops! It worked  out though because Sawyer had a shark shirt, Raya had a flamingo shirt, and Brielle  had a turtle shirt :-)

Sawyer's shirt is Children's Place and the girls' outfits were both Naartjie, in case anyone cares :-P

It was chilly in the morning when we started out so they had to wear jackets, but by about 11am it was already warm  enough to wear sleeveless shirts. A beautiful day for the zoo!

We went to the zoo on Friday thinking it'd be less  busy than a weekend. Well, that backfired as pretty much every school in the state was there on a field trip haha. We met friends of Lee's there who have season passes and they said it was the busiest they'd seen the zoo EVER. Oops. Honestly  though, except for a couple places it didn't feel  that crowded....we  were still able  to do everything we wanted  without trouble.

Our first stop was the jungle!

Next we waited  for Lee's friends to  show  is proof that  our photoshoot  attempts didn't always work out so well :-P

After meeting up with our friends we checked out the globe that rolls around on water....

Then  we headed to the indoor desert dome (this was the only place that felt really  crowded the entire  day)

Then we headed to various ape/gorilla houses...

This  guy was the most entertaining of the entire day...he  was swinging into the window, playing with  the sheet, etc. The kids loved it!

These are the two kids  of the friends we met up with.

Right after this picture was taken he SMACKED the window with  his hand and ran away. Scared the crap outta me, I almost peed myself! lol

We then stopped to have a quick  lunch....the kids got picture crazy while Lee waited in line  for hotdogs

Can  you guess which  child *doesn't* get bugged for pictures daily? lol. My girls just keep on eating....

After lunch the kids played for a little while...

After lunch Brielle was offered a ride  in our friends' wagon, and she quickly fell asleep!

We continued  our fun  fest while Miss Brielle snoozed :-)

Raya was in 7th heaven this entire trip with her bestie :-)

Her  most sought  after animal at the zoo were the giraffes!

Butterfly house

Raya and Miss R. were less than a year apart in age, and Miss R. was very outgoing, so she quickly had  Raya holding hands (awwww)

They  were finding  which  penguin was their  size :-)

Sawyer was looking forward to seeing the sharks!

Raya was a little unsure of the  large fish swimming overhead haha

Look who woke up---Miss  Brielle is back!

Doesn't  Raya look thrilled? haha. I swear she was having fun! ;-)

She w as pretending to be a fishing swimming around :-)
Snack  time!

Only  picture  we  thought to take of all us. Brielle was pouting  because  I tried to have  her sit on my lap and she wasn't  having  it!

It's a wild world out there! lol

This was full  of rubber pellets and you could  dig to uncover "bones"....Sawyer  LOVED it and would  have  stayed a lot longer if  given the choice.

Grandma H. gave Raya birthday  money so that she  could buy something on vacation. So  we let all the kids  pick something from the gift shop. Brielle randomly picked this  turtle, and I thought it was  funny she just happend to match her shirt!

Sawyer picked a kangaroo

And strangely enough, Raya  ended up picking a flamingo---matched her shirt too, and I didn't even suggest it! lol

The funniest part was  that all night Sawyer and Raya kept changing the names of their animals. Sawyer  would invent all sorts of various names, such as "Kanga" for his...and Raya would invent  very "ethnic" sounding  names, which had  Lee and I rolling. (I don't want to come across as sounding racist AT. ALL., but her names were so funny  to use considering that she pretty much only knows people with very "white" sounding names.)

Here are some of the names she came up with:
.....and Pinky ;-)
And right  before we  stopped for dinner on the way home from the zoo  I took  this picture---poor things could *barely* keep their eyes open! haha
After dinner we went back  to the hotel and , you guessed it, went swimming!

Then it was to bed after a long, fun, day!

Saturday morning we  were off  again, this time hitting the  Omaha Children's Museum before heading home.

Milking a cow!

This was cool---the thing up top got  filled with balls and then opened up and they all dropped on you!

Hoisting Brielle  up in the pulley  chair

Throwing a tantrum because  we  said it was  time to move on to something else LOL

A tornado!

Pretending to be asleep

Mad at me for telling  her she was being  goofy. She was saying "no mama!!"

And after all that  fun we headed back home!

So there  you have it---hope that was enough pictures for  everyone! haha :-)


  1. Your mini vacation looks like a blast! And what an awesome hotel pool! Emma would love a hotel like that =)

    And the zoo looks amazing! I love all the pictures =)

  2. I'm still laughing about the gorilla scaring you, haha :)

    Looks like such a fun time!

  3. YAY! Looks like fun... cant wait to go! Brave thing you... taking another kiddo on vacay! I'm sure they LOVED it though!

  4. The rice krispy/choking episode made me laugh (but, only because she was ok!). How cute she had a rice krispy crumb on her cheek! Love all the photos, oh I SO need a mini vac now!

  5. Looks like you had an awesome time on your vacation. How fun! Cute pictures

  6. So fun! And such great memories :) I love the idea of a birthday vacation. Seriously though...hilarious names she picked out. ;)

  7. YAY for an awesome trip! That zoo is seriously the best. Makes me want to go back home so I can visit. ;)

  8. epic?! you're not kidding!! ;) LOVE all the pics.

  9. Okay, you just made me want to plan a trip to Omaha.... or at least, a ZOO! What a great trip!

  10. Now I want to go to the zoo! But this pregnant momma can barely walk! Glad you had so so much fun!

  11. What wonderful pics and great memories for everyone!!!!!!
    So sad about Brielles suit, she looked soooo darn cute in it!!!!!! Sawyer and Raya look like they are having soooo much fun together !!!!!!!
    Grama F


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