Thursday, May 23, 2013

Grab bag

This post is like a grab bag---you have no idea what  you are getting, but out of all the randomness I'm sure there will  be  at least one thing you enjoy so just stick with me here for  a couple minutes ;-)

First, I REALLY want a new camera lens. The kit lens that came with my camera is decent, and I like  it for outdoor pics, but  inside you pretty much have to stand in front of a bright window or use a flash. And the flash just  kills any chance of it looking remotely "pro"---I hate the flash! From what  I've researched I think the lens I'd be most happy with (considering I don't want to spend $500-$1000 or more lol) is the 50mm 1.8 Nikon lens. Anyone have this or know if it's really what I'm looking for? Supposed  to be a pretty good all purpose lens, good for portraits and indoor low-light situations.

Today  the girls are at my mom's for the day.  I love Thursdays lol. This summer I plan to help my mom take all the grandkids different places on Thursdays, but  I also like the occassional Thursday to just relax without  kids talking to me 24/7 and  having to wipe butts all  day :-P This afternoon I need to sew a couple birthday  shirts as well for a customer. I plan to officially reopen my shop next week some time, although to be honest  I'm not really looking forward to it haha. I"d  love to take the whole summer  off, but then where  would  I get the money to go have fun all summer? Alas I think I better reopen haha.

Just so this  post isn't  pictureless, here  were the  girls  this morning---Raya had her first ever pair of braided pigtails (her hair isn't really long enough, but we made due)  ...It's actually pretty cold  here today---so out the sweatshirt and jeans came!

And a couple cute pics of the girls from Tuesday...

Have you ever seen  a more awful outfit? lol...sequin skirt Dora outfit! She loves it :-P

Raya keeps getting more and more creative with her poses haha
In other news, last night Lee taught Brielle how to ride her big girl  bike! She looked  so cute  riding bikes with Raya in the driveway :-)

This Saturday we are  going with my brother's family to a small indoor waterpark and hotel for the night....should  be fun for the girls since  Sawyer and Harper will  be there too!

We don't have any Memorial  Day plans this year so  far, but did you know  that  Memorial Day is a big day for sales online? Well, there are quite a few sales going on right now  for  the holiday weekend so here are a few you should check out ;-)

Of course there is the $12.99 and under sale at Gymboree---knits  are  $6 (and stack with  a coupon! If you don't have one I believe if you sign up to receive emails they  send a 10% off code.)

Then Crazy 8 has $4.99 knits and graphic tees...swimwear is  only $9.99 as well and some  of their dresses are on sale  for  $9 too!

The Children's Place has an  "up to 60% off" sale--and they just revamped  their  website and it's sooo much nicer now! They  finally  have  a "new arrivals" section too :-)  Their graphic tees are only $3.99 and the licensed tees are only $5.99---plus, you can use a coupon! Some of their  strechie pjs are only $5.99 (my fav pjs)

Gap and Old Navy  have sales going  on as well, but  nothing that  I personally think is *that* good of a sale for them.

Naartjie has an additional 30% off sale prices....and some essentials a re only  $6. I have everything from them I wanted  already, but if  you haven't  ordered from them in awhile  there  are some good  deals to be had. Many of the items I have  are much cheaper now than when I bought (so annoying  lol).

For  example , these  dresses I have (which are ADORABLE by the w ay) are only $13.99 now (They  come in many  other colors as well)
pieced print ruffle tiered dresslace overlay bubble dressprint trimmed handkerchief dress

Tea Collection is supposed  to have a $15 dress sale starting tomorrow---if you don't  own any Tea you are missing out---great  quality dresses. I don't know exactly what all will be  included, but  here  is an example of a tea set currently  on their site

Hanna Andersson has a $19 dress sale going  on---it's a little picked  over b/c that is an  awesome price for a Hanna dress--but  it's worth checking out to see if they have anything you like left in your size. Some dresses available are:
Color Play SundressFizzie SundressWavelets SundressFlower Song Knit Pillowcase DressSo Breezy Sundress

That's all I know  about right now---happy shopping! :-)


  1. I have the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens and I love it! It's a great portrait lens. My very favorite lens, the one that stays on my camera mostly is the Nikon 18-105mm. It's my favorite lens so far =)

    We don't have any plans for Memorial Day either since Brian and I both have to work. But we are heading out of town this weekend to my parents i'm looking forward to sleeping in! HA! =)

    1. Oh good, glad you like it! I think the 50mm 1.8 isn't as flexible as the 18-105, but since the majority of my pics are close up portraits I thought I might like the 50mm 1.8 for now. I will definitely keep the 18-105mm in mind for the future though because I've heard it's great!

  2. Gah! I just bought a bunch of Naartjie stuff. Oh well.

    I think(?) I have that lens? Not sure because I'm at work right now, but if it is the same one, it isn't zoom, right? It's fabulous for artsy type stuff, but be prepared to squat and run and move around a lot to get your shot!

    1. No, it doesn't zoom. I was thinking I'd use it mostly for when I do portraits and also indoor low light photos---so basically pics where I'm bribing children to sit still haha :-)

      I know, that always happens to me with naartjie!

  3. I would recommend looking on to see if you can rent the lens before you go and purchase it, that way you can play around with it some and make sure it's what you're looking for.

  4. I love the girls' pigtails! I think you should start every post where you share these deals with "Amy, stop reading now!" because I always get tempted when you post them :)

    1. haha---I'll try to remember that for next time ;-)

  5. Thank you for all the shopping tips!

  6. I have the 50 mm 1.8 Nikkor lens. I have to say, it is a favorite. Completely affordable and awesome for portraits.


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