Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

So today was *supposed* to  be Trendy Tot Tuesday, but the  last  couple days have done me in---I just don't  feel  like doing Trendy Tot Tuesday  today!

As a peace offering here  are Harper and Brielle  today, looking cute in their  Children's Place (Harper) and Carter's (Brielle) dresses.

And now here's a quick overview  of my horrible  last  couple days. First, last  night Brielle fell off the  swing on our new swingset---go figure, it's been up one day and we have  injuries! Well normally I wouldn't think much of it....she fell in soft grass and there were no visible marks. However like 10 minutes  later we put  her  down and  she  falls over. Then she starts walking into walls! At this point we're thinking she has  a concussion or worse----juuuuust great. Well my mom is a nurse so she came  right over and by that time Brielle  was acting pretty normal  again. Eventually we decided that we thought she was OK and didn't need an emergency ER trip. But needless  to say last night was a little stressful haha.

So that takes us to today. Raya  was so excited because  today they  were  celebrating her birthday at preschool! When I picked her up they told me she had cried and carried on about being in pain after  she peed, but  that she had acted fine shortly after and carried on with her morning. She had done the same thing last night to me but I  thought maybe she just had a little rash or something. Well less  than an hour later  we're at home and she went  downhill fast. Fever, wouldn't  eat, wouldn't play, only would sleep and  cry saying it hurt to pee, her  stomach hurt, etc.  etc. I  had  all  4 kids today so I made an appt. for after Lee  got home, but  by 2 she was really  in a lot of pain and miserable....so I wake all the kids up from naps (that's fun) and load all 4 into the car (that's  fun) and go to the waiting room (that's fun) and then Raya pukes all over herself and me (that's fun) ....seeing a pattern here? lol. In the end they diagnosed her with  a urinary infection and we got meds. She proceeded to puke every time we tried giving her the meds, so we had *another* prescription called in which Lee  went to get. Finally my mom came over  after work and eventually  we got some fever meds and the  new meds in her. Now it's  8:30pm and her  fever is broke and she is acting slightly better---fingers crossed!

And that, my friends, is why I'm wondering "is  it Friday yet?!" :-P


  1. Oh, Shawna! I am so sorry! You have had a lot go on at your house in the past couple days! I hope both girls are okay and that you all get a good nights sleep.

  2. Wow... Yikes, poor Raya! I hope she sleeps well tonight! And you, too!!

  3. Oh no! Your poor girls. When it rains it pours!
    I hope the little ladies are feeling 100% tomorrow.

  4. Oh no, that's horrible. I hope everyone sleeps well tonight and is feeling better soon

  5. My poor little girls(all three)!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. oh no - here's hoping things look up soon!! The girlies are super cute. I didn't do TTT yesterday either - sometimes you need a break!

  7. Oh, how scary! And, I am sure you had your hands pull being at the doctor with all of them and the puking episode! :( Hopefully the rest of your week will be MUCH better!

  8. Oh Man. First off, poor Brielle =( And second, Poor Raya =( I hope Raya is feeling 100% very soon. Nothing worse than a sick little girl.


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