Friday, May 24, 2013

Kids should watch lots of TV.

I give up on this week---yes, it's been a pitiful blogging week for me and I appologize! Last night I  was up all night again with what  seems to be a pulled muscle  in my back. Went to the doctor today and I"m going to try a muscle relaxer tonight to see if it helps, and then hope the waterpark tomorrow has  a working hot tub haha.  We're pretty sure it's  a pulled muscle, but if it doesn't improve in a week or so then I need to have  xrays to see if it's a pinched nerve related to my arthritis. I've never had  arthritis in my spine before but I guess anything's  possible  with me lol. The idea of a Chiropractor has been tossed around (Lee is a believer lol) but  I've always been nervous about trying one with my arthritis and my doctor doesn't think it's really a good idea either due to arthritis complications, so I'm holding off on that so as not to make anything worse. Basically I"m  a hot mess right now though haha ;-)  I'll be back  with better blogs next week!

And to end  today, here is what I just posted on my FB status:

"You know what makes me love TV even more? When I'm reading a science book to Raya and explaining how the picture shows a cocoon, and she corrects me and says, "no--that's a chrysalis" ....and then I find out she learned that from Caillou haha. Watch on Raya, watch on ;-)


  1. I hope you feel better soon!

    Thats great!!!!! I feel Breanna has learned so much from watching certain shows!!

  2. Goodness... hope you get your back figured out! Back pain is no fun. :(

    Kids do pick up a lot from cartoons these days; I love that they are so educational so then we don't have to feel guilty when we let them watch more than they probably should. :)

  3. Sorry about your back. That stinks! If you do decide to try a chiro, I have a great one! Let me know if you want his info :)

  4. Hope you start feeling better. That sounds awful.

    Have a fun weekend!


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