Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little artist

Sorry you guys---I'm waaaay behind on reading my favorite blogs and I feel bad! However Lee is gone on a (way too long) fishing trip so I'm holding  down the fort ...and I'm also still dealing with weird medical/muscle/nerve issues---my sore back has turned  into a stiff neck, numb fingers and toes, etc (oh boy) I'm going in for an appt.Thursday and will likely have an MRI to check  my spine. Fingers  crossed it's an easy fix!

In other news, am I the only  parent who lives  in fear of her  child  bringing home "art" from preschool? Here is a recent conversation Raya and I had:

Raya: Mama, I made you some art today!
Me: Thank you!
Raya: Here  it is....isn't it so beautiful?!
Me: Yeeeessss, "it" is! I love the colors, they are so pretty.....thank you!
Raya: Do you know what  it  is?
Me: Ummmmm, I  think so, but I want  *you* to tell me!
Raya: It's a purple elephant eating blueberries Mama, see?!

That  was totally going to be my first guess :-P

And lastly, a few "what they wore" pics  from the last few days ;-)

Raya was determined that Brielle *would* pose for the  picture haha (This was a 'Daddy dressed me' day ;-)  ...and before Daddy gets too much credit, he dressed Brielle  in the onesie and gray leggings...alone. I couldn't take it and had  to add the skirt to halfway make her presentable lol

We had  a couple really chilly days

Went shopping with Grandma Donna on Memorial  Day----Gymboree cherries (they chose their own shoes ;-)

And today, Gymboree hippo dress and Hanna Andersson striped playdress set

Hope you all have a happy "hump day" tomorrow!


  1. Hope your back pain and other stuff goes away soon. Ur been having a lot of back pain too {I have scoliosis}
    Don't you love when they bring art home, kaylee does the same thing. Cute

  2. I could tell exactly what that purple blob was!!!!!!!!! Get ready to find a spot for all of them !!!

    Love, Grama F

  3. I hope you're able to identify what is wrong with your back/neck/stiffness/numbness. Please keep us posted!
    " Ummmmm, I think so, but I want *you* to tell me!" -- HA! LOVE this, and stealing it for those unidentifiable "art" projects that will eventually make their way into our home.

  4. I know this is going to sound awful, but I hate having all that art floating around the house. So many times I try to "sneak" it into the garbage and the the girls discover it and question why I threw away what they made me. :( I need to come up with a cute way to display all of this stuff. W's work is still all hanging in the bag she brought it home from preschool in.

  5. Ugh, that stinks you're still having all that pain. Hope they get some answers for you and it's nothing major!

  6. I hope you are feeling better, and good luck at your appt! Will be thinking of you!!


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