Monday, May 6, 2013

Looking ahead

I feel  like I've  been slacking in the blogging department lately, but to be honest it almost  feels "wrong" to blog when the weather is so gorgeous out! I usually  blog during  naptime, and in the winter when it's cold and dreary I sit on my couch (watching some court TV) and blog while the girls nap. But as summer approaches I will just warn ya'll that if I miss a day here and there I am still  alive, don't worry! It's probably because  we skipped naptime to frolic around  outside somewhere :-) Or like  today, the girls are both napping, but weather in the 70s (I'm wearing a tank top!) and a bright shining sun have me so happy and energized that  I've been cleaning while the girls sleep. Yes, cleaning!

So far today we've gone to the park, worn sunscreen for the first time this year!, had a picnic lunch on the deck, played in the sandbox, and gone for a walk. 'Tis the life!

And today I  was looking at my calendar (because I had to call and set up Raya's 4 year well-child check---4 years!) and I realized that we have a TON of fun things to look forward to this summer. It might go down in history as being our most fun  summer to date :-P

Here's what we have planned already:
*Raya's birthday trip to Omaha Zoo later this week!
* Raya's birthday weekend the following week
*Weekend trip with my brother  and  his family to an indoor waterpark the following week
*Memorial Day
*5 day trip to Ohio to visit Lee's brother's  family
* Weekend trip with Mrs. Mommy and her  family to another  indoor waterpark, museum, and jumpy play place
*Adventureland amusement park with my  mom and all the grandkids
*Out of state friends visit us for a long weekend  over the 4th of July
*Our town festival/carnival/parade
*County fair
*Long weekend in St. Louis with the girls
*State Fair
*Lee's big family reunion in IL
*Family friend wedding
*Kid-free vacation to see St. Louis  play at the Brewers' stadium
*Cousin's  wedding

That takes us through September! Whew, lots of fun stuff!! And that isn't even counting all the spur of the moment  boating, etc. we can do on Lee's  boat.

So what are  YOU looking forward too the most this summer....anything fun planned so far?


  1. Yay to the long weekend in St. Louis! :) What indoor water park are you considering? I want to take my kids to the Wolf Lodge in KS... but, probably not until next year, because we are planning a YMCA Trout Lodge camping trip this summer. I always make a summer bucket list- one for just ME and one for me and the kids, so now you have me itching to work on it. :)

  2. Both waterparks are in IA---nothing huge, but with the girls so young I figure it doesn't much matter right now---they probably will stay in the 6inch water regardless LOL. I want to go to the Dells sometime in the future though! :-)

  3. wow you have a lot of things going on. but a lot of fun things! I cant believe our girls are going to be 4.

  4. You do have a lot of fun planned for the summer. We don't have anything planned but unless its a large vacation we usually are a much shorted notice type of planning family. Can is very excited for the wedding. He helped register this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing him in his tux. Sam loves Kelli and Cody. Lol. But this baby is due only 7 days before the wedding so we are hoping it gets here a few days sooner. And hopefully I can find something decent to wear that soon after having a baby! You and I don't see each other much now so it will be nice to see you there!

  5. I am SO jealous of your planned trip to the State Fair. No one fully understands the glory of that fair until they experience it. Please take 2 billion photos while you're there and do one big ol' post for me. Pretty please. :)

  6. You'll have to let me know when youre planning to go to Adventureland or the Fair and we could meet up! I LOVE both those places :)


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