Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Matchy, Matchy --- Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking  up for  Trendy Tot Tuesday with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan!

I  love having two girls. LOVE. And one  of the best things about it is matching the girls ---little twinsies ;-) I know they won't think this is cool for long (they love it right now)....so I'm taking advantage while I can during this window.

Here  are some of the matchy, matchy outfits they've worn in the past:

Naartjie dress sets
Gap dress and Gap sweater
Target coats and hats
Target coats and snowpants


Gap jumpers
Crazy 8 dresses

Carters tank tops
I love a good "sister shirt" ....this one was a graphic tee from Children's Place

....for holidays  I often make them matching shirts, which always seems to be a hit  at family get togethers

Shirts made  by me, skirts are both Gymboree
Love matching pjs!
Carters pjs

...and when we don't  have  "matching" outfits, I like to at least have outfits that "go" together, like this

Brielle in Carters top and Target pants, Raya in Children's Place
Gymboree  giraffes
Coordinating at Christmas---mix of  gymboree, children's place, and various off brands
Gymboree "girls best friend" line
Gymboree "girls best friend" line---remember this cat fight? haha

I  could  go on and on finding matching outfits, but we'll  stop here :-P 


  1. I love matching outfits too. I've done with my girls & do coordinating outfits. Jason hates them wearing the same thing but I like it! Cute outfits

  2. I love when my girls match, too. Unfortunately, now that Lexie is 6, she doesn't enjoy it as much anymore! Do it while you can!

  3. I agree, that would be fun if I had two girls or two boys (especially two girls!). I love those little puffy black coats from Target. I love how you match them in the same outfit, but use different colors, too! So cute!

  4. Jealous! But I will continue to take advantage of any matching I can do with one of each! I love all their outfits, but I really love the Gap dress and sweater at the pumpkin patch with the pink hats. So stinking cute!

  5. The girls always look so cute. And, I think it's even more adorable when they match - which you always do such an amazing job with!

  6. Super cute matching outfits!! They are too cute.


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