Saturday, May 18, 2013

Miss Raya Marie is FOUR!

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet, smart, and SPUNKY first-born today!

Miss Raya Marie,

Thank you for being such a fun little girl! Each year that goes by I get more and more excited about the girl you are becoming. You are an awesome big sister, always willing to help out. You are eager to learn and I know you are going to have an awesome year at school next year! It goes without saying that you are absolutely beautiful, and I hope Daddy is ready to fight off the boys (although right now you wouldn't even dare talk to a boy, so I think he's safe for another couple years ;-). You may look alot like Daddy, but you are my little mini-me for personality, which is both funny and terrifying. I hope you know how much Daddy and I adore you and I'm looking forward to supper at your favorite restaurant "the peanut place"  (aka. Texas Roadhouse) tonight! I hope this next year is just as "fancy" and fabulous as you are---you deserve it!

Love you lots,
Mama (and Daddy & Brielle too)

And now a few other facts about Miss Raya that I want to remember!

As of her sick child visit this week she was 40inches and 42 lbs. She has her actual well-child check on Wednesday so I can update more at that time! She will be getting all of her shots at that time since she is attending preschool at the public school next year :-o

Raya had a great first year of school this year. She had a few friends she talked about frequently (Claire, Edith, Carly, Mallie) and she always looked forward to art and snack time! She was evaluated by the speech pathologist for her stuttering but was found to be within the normal range and didn't need any services. She learned to write her name, put on her coat (and do buttons and zippers), count to 100, and a majority of her letters. She loves doing workbooks and flash cards.

Raya continues to be a HUGE mama's girl. She will pick Mama over Daddy 99.9% of the time---Daddy only wins out if he bribes her with food pretty much haha. She loves clothes and dress up, makeup, shoes, shopping, taking pictures, mermaids and princesses, and all things girlie! She enjoyed dance class this past year.

Raya got to spend lots of time with her cousins again this year as well! Harper and Sawyer came over every Tuesday and they all went to Grandma and Papa's on Thursdays. Raya continues to ADORE cousin Sawyer...he is her very best friend. It will be sad next year when Sawyer is in Kindergarten and it's harder to spend time with him!

Raya's personality was pretty consistent this year compared to last. She's still a timid, cautious, and somewhat shy little girl. However she is almost always willing to try new things at least once, and this year she did get "brave" and started climbing more (and higher!) and she also wil let me push her on the swings much higher as well. She tried a lot of new foods and now will eat things like deli sandwiches, salads, juice, and almost all types of meat. She also is fine being left at new places like school/babysitter/etc. She's become a very big girl!

For self-care Raya can now clear off the table after she's done eating, put things away in the fridge, get dressed and brush her teeth by herself, dry off and put on pjs after her bath, pick out assessories and comb her own hair,  pick up her toys and put them back in the right spot, fast forward through commercials on her own shows, make her own bed, and much more!

...and now I better wrap up this post because the birthday girl wants to do something "special" once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYANA MARIE!


  1. Happy 4th birthday miss raya. I hope it's a great one

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAYA!!! =) I hope you guys have a great day, and I love this post! =)

  3. Happy 4th birthday to Raya! I love that picture you got of her in the crown!

  4. Happy birthday to my sweet Raya!!! I just can't believe she is 4 already!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  5. Happy Birthday to the pretty lady!!!

  6. Happy 4th Birthday, Raya! My son's bday was on Friday and I still haven't gotten a chance to blog about it!


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