Thursday, May 2, 2013

One of these is not like the other...

We had a busy  day today! Preschool  in the morning and then met up with my mom and we took all the kids (Raya, Brielle, Sawyer, and Harper) to McDonalds and then to the Playstation (with is like  a huge indoor climbing structure of ball pits/slides/tunnels etc.

So anyways, no pics and I'm TIRED. Instead here's a post comparing  Raya and Brielle---because until you have two kids it's hard to believe that siblings  can  be so different!

*Raya has  brown eyes/ Brielle has blue
*Raya is big for her  age/ Brielle is small for her  age
*Raya  is a rule follower and people pleaser/ Brielle is stubbon and challenges rules
*Raya goes to sleep really well at night/ Brielle fights it
*Raya  doesn't  like to cuddle (she hates anyone in her  bed!)/ Brielle  always asks to "tuddle" and likes someone to sleep with her
* Raya doesn't  like  to wear the same thing twice/ Brielle want to wear the same thing over  and over  again
* Raya is  a scaredy cat (on the swings she goes super slow and  cries if you push too fast)/ Brielle sits on the  big kid swings and screams "faster! faster!" until  she's going about 3 times as fast as Raya
* Raya is fine being  left almost  anywhere/ Brielle hates going anywhere other than to Grandma Donna's
* Raya hates wearing pigtails/ Brielle  loves them
* Raya doesn't like  trying new foods/ Brielle will try most anything once
* Raya is a huge Mama's girl/ Brielle likes to spend time with Daddy
* Raya was generally healthy as a baby/ Brielle had  chronic  ear infections
* Raya loves  sweets/ Brielle loves goldfish crackers

That's all I have time for tonight haha :-)

What is  the biggest difference you've noticed between *your* kids?


  1. Right now I have Marcus, a (spaz) kitten, and Drake. There are LOTS of differences right now. :)
    It is funny to read how different the girls are. Do they have as many similarities as differences?

    1. Yes, they are a lot alike too---I'll have to do a post about that in the future :-)

  2. I have so many of the same ones!

    * Kennedy is the rule follower, Ashby loves to break them
    * Kennedy is a scaredy cat, Ashby will try just about anything
    * Kennedy hates to cuddle, Ashby loves to sit on my lap & cuddle all day long
    * Kennedy is a Daddy's girl, Ashby is a Mama's girl (though it is slowly changing to Daddy)
    * Kennedy is my tom boy, Ashby is all GIRL

    1. So many of the same ones---funny!

  3. Why is it that it seems the second child in each family is the little s*#t?!

    Fun post!

  4. It's so funny how 2 siblings can be so different! Cute post =)


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