Wednesday, May 22, 2013

One photo wonder

Last  night  Brielle was having  trouble  staying  asleep so I laid in bed with her for a bit (like I sometimes do)...only this time when I got up my back was in complete PAIN! I had some sort of pinched nerve  or pulled  muscle or *something*.....but let's just  say that I spent 90% of the night writhing in agony and slept maybe one hour.

Thankfully  the pain started to subside early this morning and seems to be  improving. However I am exhausted and the  girls' *tiny* afternoon nap today didn't do it for me.

And so ya'll get one lonely picture today---Miss Brielle. She  is basically antisocial and doesn't  like  "people"...she glares and gives the stink eye to a majority of people she meets in public and then often whispers to me afterwards "no people, I only like Mama"  lol.

BUT....I  swear you guys, at *home* she is so adorable and sweet. You'll  just have to trust me on that if we ever run  into  you in public hehe ;-)

This outfit  is one of the like new  Gymboree outfits I found  at the consignment store awhile back  for a few bucks---I told you how I couldn't  pass up the cuteness---now you understand why!


  1. Emma isn't much of a people person either.....

  2. I hope you get much better sleep tonight!

    And, Brielle could give me the stink eye and I would still think she was pretty cute. :)

  3. I just love that outfit on miss Brielle!!!!! She is just soooo darn cute, people want to talk to her!!!!!
    Grama F

  4. I have to lay in bed with Autumn some nights, too! She is so cute, guess she just loves her Momma! :)

  5. I hope your back is ok, and hopefully you got some sleep! And Brielle is just adorable =)


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