Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parent/Teacher conference

Raya had  her first ever  parent/teacher conference on Monday  night! Since  this blog is also her "baby book" I wanted to do a post on how she's doing :-)

Obviously this is just 3 year old preschool, for a grand total of 5 hours weekly she wasn't expected to leave knowing algebra or anything. The "academic" benchmarks they tested on were:
*identifies written name
*can tell first and last name
*rote count to 7
*Tells  use of common objects
*Names all  colors
*Identifies all body parts
*Understands in, on, under
*recognizes same/different

Raya scored "consistent" on all of these---good job Raya! That is the highest rating. They  said she can actually rote count to 100 (sometimes needing a reminder  of what the next "tens" is). They also said that she has gotten very good at writing her name, which isn't even  something they expect.

Then there  were all kinds of motor skill type things (use scissors, string beads, balances  on one  foot, dresses self, etc.) and she also scored "consistent" for those  as well.

For all  of the social things (including accepting  change  in routin,  following directions, cooperative  play, pretend play, listening to stories, etc.) she also  scored "consistent" :-)

The ONLY thing she scored "emerging" on was "begins  and finishes tasks" ....they said that for instance sometimes she'll be doing something at the art table and then  might get  up to go play at the dollhouse before putting her art project away.

In conversation with the teacher she also said that Raya plays well with others, but is cautious. If another  child comes over  to play with her  then she happily plays along...but  she is more hesitant to walk up to a child who is already playing and  try to join in. The teacher  said they have many students in class  who will run right off the "cliff" without even looking, another group who will  look and then jump, and then Miss Rayana who would cautiously walk to the edge of the cliff  and then stand there ;-)   Overall  a very typical  first born! They  also said she enjoys talking to and hanging out with the adults  if given  the choice, and she likes to stand on the sidelines and watch when the boys are reprimanded haha. They said she's not a big  tattle tale, but definitely a goodie 2 shoes type personality who stands wide-eyed in horror when other kids dare to misbehave. Definitely sounds  like the  Raya I know!

And lastly (for baby book purposes!) here is what the teacher wrote about her:

"It  has been our pleasure to have Rayana in our preschool class this year. She smiles as she enters the classroom and continues smiling throughout the day. Rayana always chooses to be at the art table. She loves working with Mrs. Cannon for speech. She plays nicely with peers and is very respectful of preschool materials. We are continuing to encourage Rayana to finish projects that she starts. She  has great listening skills during group time and is helpful at clean up time when she is assigned a task. Very polite at snack time and a good role model."

We're very proud of you Miss Raya!

I can't  wait until Brielle starts preschool to hear what her first parent/teacher conference is like. She's a whole different breed of kid! ;-)

How cute is  this  outfit? Matching apple hair  clippies for her  piggy tails  too :-P

That's all  i have for today....and now I'm going to sign off for a few days because I have packing to do and then we leave for our Omaha Zoo birthday  trip! The weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS  while we are at the zoo---like 70degrees and sunny. My ideal  weather :-) Fingers crossed it stays that way and that no one suddenly gets sick!

And when we return from our trip Lee has  quite the "honey do" project to complete....

This bad boy is waiting to be put together...happy Mother's Day to me! :-)  The girls  are so excited  and I can't wait to relax  on my deck and watch them play. (That's  the gift to *me* part hehe)

Enjoy the rest of your week  everyone!


  1. Have fun at the zoo! Cant wait to hear about it so I'll know what to expect when we go! And that swingset? AMAZING! Lucky you!

    Oh, and such a smart/sweet girl! Good job Raya!!

  2. Go Raya, Go! Sounds like an awesome parent/teacher conference!

    And I had to laugh out loud about what miss Brielle's conference will look/sound like. I feel that same way about Ashby too! Something about those feisty 2nd born children that we have!

    Have a great trip!!!

  3. Great job at school, Raya! Aren't those first parent/teacher conferences so fun?!

    And, yay on the Mother's Day gift! You will love having that! My girls go out all the time to play on ours.

    Have a great time at the zoo! I am so glad the weather is going to be nice for you guys.

  4. LOVE the swing set!! The kids are going to spend HOURS on that thing!

    Way to go, Raya!

  5. My daughter is in preschool 3, too! We are supposed to have an end of the year conference soon. It sounds like she is doing really good and I am sure she'll be less cautious around other kids once she sees them more hours in the day! That swing set looks AWESOME!

  6. Way to go Raya!
    That swing set looks awesome! Can't wait to see how much fun the girls have on it.

  7. Have a great time at the zoo, can't wait to see pics. We are gonna get the girls a swing set like that

  8. Have a fun time at the zoo! I'm excited you are going to have good weather!

    I love Raya's "report card". She is such a sweetheart. I think Kyla will be similar even though she can be feisty. She's so shy around other kids. Kase seems like he might be a pretty chill kid, but that could all change :)

  9. Way to go Raya!!!!I remember getting report cards that sounded a lot like that one for Rayas mama!!!!! I can't wait to see that swing set, Wow, those girls are sooooo lucky, and so is their mama!!!! Way to go Lee!!!!!
    Grama F


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