Sunday, May 19, 2013

Raya's Family Party

As most of you know, we took  Raya to Omaha last  weekend for a birthday vacation, but tonight we had my parents and my brother's family over for pizza, presents, and cake---just so they could give her  gifts and she wouldn't feel bad missing out on a birthday cake (she w as super excited for everyone to sing to her lol).

Here are some pics of her fun  "party" tonight!

After everyone was gone I realized that I forgot to have  anyone take  a family picture (which I always do at every birthday!) I told Lee we had  an emergency haha....and we quick went  into the  backyard  and tried to get a self timer picture. I thought this turned out pretty great, even if Brielle wasn't  quite looking into the camera (I had worked up a sweat running back and forth to push the timer and called it quits after this picture, good enough! ;-)
While waiting for the  pizza to  cook I got a few pictures of Raya with her cake! The cake topper I ordered from Etsy and was the only "decoration" I bought for the party. The seller did an amazing job, but it was supposed to be  in my hands by  Friday and I didn't get it until Saturday due to a post  office mixup. Luckily we used it on Sunday and it worked out, but  in the future I'll be telling sellers a fake party date a few days before I actually  need something to account for any delivery errors!

They  kept running up to John and Emily's foreign exchange  student and squealing---they had  invented some sort of game haha

Then it was  time for presents!
After Raya got a card from Lee's parents awhile  back she said "oh, I really wanted a card that plays music" idea where she got that ideo or how she even knew about those cards! But I gave my mom a heads up and she spent $4.99 on this musical card. Oh my goodness, the reaction was priceless---she loved it! It played a song  that says "every girl can be a princess" and it sings in this really  soft princess voice. She has played this  card no less than 50 times tonight!

My parents also  got her 4 new necklaces...this was an owl!

She chose the sparkly pink unicorn to wear first :-)

A barbie with a baby!

A singing  Ariel bath doll...she REALLY  wanted this and I kept telling her Grandma might not get it and that she needed to be happy and say thank you even if Grandma gave her a bag of ugly rocks or something  lol. She was quite nervous ....and when she opened this she yelled "mama, you were teasing me, Grandma did get it!!" haha

John, Emily, Sawyer, and Harper got her some legos, an Ariel  playdough set, and Ariel picture holder, and a bracelet.

Then after we ate pizza it was time for cake and icecream!

See her smirk in the background? She was loving the Happy Birthday  song! haha

She said a few different times things like "This is MY special day!"

Make a wish Birthday Girl!

This was so hilarious. Raya had  set up on the floor using the musical card as a "radio"....She'd  open it and as the music played she'd brush Ariel's hair and sing along in a super sweet voice, then when it stopped playing she'd close the card and open it again and continue....we were all dying laughing!
And here are a few pictures I took of the girls before the party guests arrived. They weren't being very cooperative or looking at the camera for me :-/

Once again our closet didn't let us down---we were able to find the perfect attire for Brielle to wear at her sister's mermaid  birthday party! :-)

I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already---boo! And looks like we have  rain for a few days now....double boo! And we are currently under a severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch....triple boo! Hopefully we don't blow away and I'll be back  to blog again soon ;-)  Hope everyone had an excellent weekend!


  1. That family picture is super cute! Looks like raya had a great little party.

  2. Great pics!!!! Raya looks like she enjoyed her party!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. I LOVE how many layers the cake is and the cake topper! So cute and I am guessing it was easy, too? Raya is such a cutie!

  4. I love your family picture! And that cake looks delicious and the topper is so cute! Looks like Raya had a pretty awesome birthday!

  5. What a cute cake! It looks like she had a great party. Love the family pic!

  6. Great family photo! Loved the cake topper too!! Hope you all are storm free and safe.

  7. Love the family picture! And the topper for Raya's cake is adorable! =)

  8. Love the new header picture! That family picture turned out really nice.

    Raya's birthday looked like so much fun. The girls have that same Ariel... actually, I think we have two, because their grandma thought they each needed their own so their would be no fights.

  9. What a special day. ANd I hope yall were safe through the weather!

  10. GREAT family pic - what an awesome little family party. I love the cake. Looks like Raya had an awesome time - wow, 4!


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