Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love this thing!

Still loving my new camera lens haha. The girls were with  grandma today so here are some pics I took last  night  and this morning. I still  need more practice nailing the  focus with this  lens, and also making sure I don't get too much background blur, but I'm having fun practicing :-)

(The sun was shining  in through  the patio door so that's why we have the bright side lighting in a lot of these!)

She  was rolling around  on this bouncey ball....

Then she rolled  right onto  her  face and  bit  her lip!

This  picture is  out of focus, but it's  the only  one of them both from last night...

And then these photos are from this morning before going  to Grandmas...

I love this  one :-)

This  is my favorite from today :-)


  1. Super cute pictures. I might need to get this lens the lighting our rental house sucks unless your in the master.

  2. Wow, they are all so great! I can't even pick a favorite. I love them all! I've said this before, but I would totally pay you to do our pictures!

  3. That first one of Raya looks like something right out of a magazine! Your new lens is awesome!

  4. Do you use a filter on her eyes to pop them? Beautiful!!

  5. Again, great ones! I love that first one the best! Raya looks so grown up in it. :)

  6. Love love love! And poor Raya's lip =( It looks so sore!

  7. I love these photos! They are all so great!

  8. Great pictures! I see your new lens is being put to good use!


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