Saturday, May 4, 2013

Summary Saturday

Here's a quick summary/recap of the last  couple days!

Yesterday  Uncle John took  Sawyer and Raya to the movies and I kept Harper and  Brielle. Raya had a great time and came home full of popcorn, candy, and with lots  of little  trinkets and winnings  from the arcade. Uncle John was joking that  they had already spent  $42 before they even made it to the arcade lol---movies are pricey nowadays!

The funniest part was when John was recounting how after the movie they went to the arcade and then they were leaving and Raya realized she had lost her bracelet (she's into wearing jewelry now---more on that later!). Apparently she told John "that's my special bracelet and you can only buy it at the mall and all the other girls will have theirs and I need mine! ..." So John said he went back to the theater and I guess the next showing had already begun and people were sitting in their he was using his phone as a flashlight and asking them to lift their legs and crawling around on the floor in the glow of his cellphone haha. Sadly they didn't find the special bracelet :-P At least Uncle  John tried!

Raya got home around 2:30 and shortly after  crashed on the couch---a fun Friday for her!

And speaking of jewelry, like I said Raya  is getting more girly by the day haha. She's now really into jewelry! She wore one  of my necklaces to the movies and a little bracelet...and before John arrived  to pick  her  up she said to me "Uncle John will say 'who is that beautiful girl wearing the necklace?' because  he won't  know  it's me....and then I'll say 'it's me, Rayana!"  lol.

So today when Daddy was fishing the girls and I had lunch at the mall and then I let Raya pick out some necklaces of her  very own. They had a bunch of $1 necklaces at Claires so she got quite a variety, including an icecream cone necklace, flip flop necklace, owl necklace, and hello kitty.

Wearing the  owl necklace

Conversation heart necklace
You can barely recognize her, right?! ;-)

The other thing Raya has started recently is she changes into at least 2-3 outfits daily haha. She loves "twirly dresses" the best and she loves  to accessorize with headbands. Here are a few of the looks she's put together in the past couple days! (Oh, and she pays no attention to the weather---she's been wearing tanks during our recent cold front with temps in the 40s lol)

This is a maxi dress that I got a couple years ago on Zulily  and it ran really really big...finally fits (She picked the headband and shoes all by herself)

This is a little $8 dress I picked  up at  JCPenny awhile  back.

Naartjie outfit I got used online
This  outfit is from Children's Place. Their graphic tees have  been on sale recently for $5-6 plus you can use a coupon on top of that. Their shorts fit Raya  the best of any place...we have these plaid ones, pink ones, and jean ones. They all have a soft elastic waist which Raya likes
And here are a few outfits that  Brielle has worn the last couple days.

This is from Children Place (sorry, pants are sometimes a pain with constant potty breaks ;-)

Naartjie outfit from ebay

I'm now  obsessed with these headbands  on Brielle :-P
She thought  it  was hilarious to hide from my camera!

Found her  in the closet! Wearing Crazy 8 dress that I got on the clearance rack for $3 :-)
And lastly tonight, yesterday  I worked on a couple shirts for my mom who had a baby shower  to attend today. The mom likes owls and the dad likes monkeys, so this is what I came up with!

Tried a sleeping owl  this time

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Little girls and their jewels! Emma loves wearing necklaces and was super excited when she got to wear one of mine the other day. And while my parents were in Florida they told her they bought her a necklace and she was soooo excited to get it. They gave it to her the other day and when she opened it I thought she was going to cry. She goes, "Nana, you got me the same one last year" LOL It was a necklace with her name and a mickey head on it. Oh well, now she has 2 =)
    I love the shirts you made! They are super cute!!

  2. Raya looks SO different with those necklaces on! Hehehe!

  3. I can just here Raya telling you that uncle John would not know who she was!!!!!!!Also I died laughing at thinking about John crawling around on the floor at the movies looking for that special bracelet!!!!! The shirts were a huge hit at the shower, everyone loved them, thanks for making them!!!!! Love, Grama F

  4. I was laughing picturing Uncle John in the theatre asking everyone to move so he could find that bracelet!

    And, Raya does a great job of putting together outfits! Much better than my girls, ha!

  5. she is adorable!! I can't believe how grown up she looks!


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