Monday, May 13, 2013

The new swingset has arrived!

Well you guys, the  swingset is (almost) finished! Lee ran out of daylight yesterday so tonight after work he will finish the roof (and the empty spots in the "peaks" or the roof have decorative inserts to go in there). But other than those last few things it's finished, and the girls have already spent a lot of time playing!

Lee got home from Omaha on Saturday around 6pm and started building the swingset in our garage that night, staying up until  3am! Then on Sunday he worked all day until the sun was down. I helped about 50% of that time organzing pieces, finding the right nails/bolts, holding things in place, etc. It was a lot of work but it was worth it---we love it!

There favorite part is by far the swings. Raya said to me, "Mama, why do you like pushing us on these swings, but not the swings at the park?" ....I said, "honestly I  don't  really  like pushing you on either, I wish you would learn to pump your legs!"  lol

My little monkey has no problem scaling the rock wall! The girls love the little  picnic table underneath...they pretend that the bottom of the fort is a restaurant and after you order they go upstairs to cook the food, and then bring it down the slide haha

The slide is fast! We had to put the swingset kinda close to the house because it's the flattest part of our yard. Oh well, it's easy to supervise them from inside the house this way :-P We also reconfigured  the set a little so that the slide was on the back, because we didn't want to see it from our house haha. We also moved the swings to the left side instead of the right, because of a tree in our way. The reconfiguring took some extra time but Lee figured it out---I knew I kept him around for a reason ;-)

All night last night Raya kept saying, "thank you Daddy for my new playset, I love it!"

This will be our view from our hypothetical future hot tub that  Lee says we are eventually buying hehe

Ya'll are welcome to come over for a virtual playdate anytime!

....and don't miss my earlier post with some pictures from our Omaha trip!


  1. We will be right over! Kyla saw it and said "WOW!"

  2. LOVE it! I wish we had one in our backyard just like that. I think the picnic bench part of it is my favorite!

  3. That swing set rocks. Your girls are going to have so much fun (not that they aren't already!) on it.

  4. That swing set rocks! I can't believe he was up that late working on it! What a guy! ;)


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