Sunday, May 26, 2013

Water, water, and more water!

It's been  raining for a couple days  here  now  and  there  is rain forecasted for every single day next week---yuck!

As if we didn't  have enough water already, last night my brother and I  took our families to a local water park---Grandma Donna had given use gift certificates for an overnight stay at Christmas and this was the only weekend that worked  for us all. The kids had lots of fun!

Here are just a couple quick pics I took  with my point and shoot---I didn't want to bring a camera to the actual  waterpark because it was really busy and there wasn't a safe place to keep a camera. So These  pics of our hotel room fun will have to suffice :-)

The  kids stayed up late playing  in the hotel  room---they played in the bathtub for over  an hour  I s wear lol. We had adjoining rooms so it  worked out well :-)

We had late night  icecream :-)
The waterpark was fun, but the adults had a hard  time staying warm lol. The wading pool area was where  Raya and Brielle  wanted to play most and standing in water up to my calf did not  keep me very warm! There was a fun slide that  the  girls loved, and there was  a big slide that went outside  the building and then back  in...all  us adults went on it and it was scary! Emily almost lost her swimsuit top and I about died int he freezing water (the water for the big slide was cold from going outside!)  Luckily the 3 foot pool  inside was toasty warm and there was a vortex pool type thing which was fun. Raya did great "swimming" Saturday night and wasn't scared at all, but then this morning she was scared again (go figure!)....Brielle still  loves swiming in her floaties and isn't scared at all :-P

Unfortunately last night my back started killing  me again and it's hurt all  day today. So annoying! I'm planning to go shopping  with my mom and the girls t omorrow so hopefully it feels better  soon. Hope everyone has a nice  Memorial Day!


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are also getting rain and it's not just us! haha We are on day 7 of rain. And it's not like it's been a little drizzle either, it's straight yucky rain. It looks like it's in forecast for most of this week too. Ughhh.

    The indoor waterpark sounds fun!! Brian hates waterparks so unfortunately Emma has never been to one. I tend to mention to him *a lot* how sad it is that Emma is 6 and has never been on a far he doesn't think it's a big deal. haha =)

    I hope that your back starts feeling better soon. I've never had back issues, but I know some that do, and they say it's terrible. Feel better!!!

  2. I'm glad the babies had fun!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. What a fun trip, even if it was cold! I am going shopping tomorrow too. We have a birthday party in the Dells next Saturday so Mama needs a swim suit and I need to get floaties or something for the kids.

    Random question...where did you get the girls' pillows. I want to get Kyla a cute animal or butterfly or something. I only checked Target and they didn't have much. I'm sure I can find one in Madison, but figured I'd ask you first :)

  4. What a fun weekend getaway for the kids!

    Bummer about the rainy weekend ahead. :( You will have to plan one of those care-free messy days in your house like you have done before so you don't go crazy.


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