Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All Smiles

I'm heading off to bed but just had to share these sneak peeks from my first ever newborn photo shoot I did tonight! Baby Jasper could not have been a better baby to start with, and his parents were just as adorable. These pictures almost give me baby fever! (Key word "almost" hehe ;-)

I know it sounds pretty unbelievable, but this was honestly the FIRST picture I took! He busted out a smile the second I got my camera out---like I said, the perfect baby client :-)

And do ya'll like my swaddle blanket prop? Dug through my fabric pile for the Etsy shop hehe

See? Smiles all around---love it! And now I'm off to bed...


  1. Great first newborn shoot. Love the baby smiles

  2. What an adorable family, great pics, can't wait to see the rest!!!

  3. Beautiful shoot, you def. know what you are doing :) I am still trying to figure out my expensive camera 4 years later ;)

  4. Love that you captured dad's awkward first baby holding :) I love those pictures of my husband and our first kid....


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