Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in the swing of things---Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up again this week for Trendy Tot Tuesday with Kelly, Megan, and Lindsay!

I was going to skip this week actually, since we just got back from vacation late last night....but that was before I read that the girls were picked as last week's tots of the week---how exciting! ;-)

(They *were* pretty darn adorable last week hehe)

So this morning I decided we'd whip up a couple quick pics of what the girls are wearing today---and that way we don't have to skip this week! Lucky for me the girls are always up for a photoshoot if it means they get their princess gummy vitamin afterwards :-P

Raya is wearing Gymboree today, from a past Ice cream Sweetie line---I got this set used for a few bucks and knew she'd love the ice cream shorts!

As always the headband and necklace were her own choices :-)

Showing off the ice cream cones on her pockets!
And Brielle is wearing NEXT , also purchased used. Love these little bloomer outfits, and I know I only have another year maybe of putting them on her before they look to young, so I'm taking advantage!

Her poses get a little strange at times---we're working on it ;-)

She insisted on the socks!

Thanks for checking in for Trendy Tot Tuesday! And be sure to check out my post from late last night---lots of catching up to do from our vacation still---stay tuned!


  1. Congrats on being Tots of the Week! I whipped up my photos this morning, too! Love the idea of using gummy vitamins as a bribe! lol! I love the ice cream sweetie line outfit, esp. the top! Love the NEXT outfit, too even with socks! :)

  2. Those are socks are to much. Love their outfits (and personalities. They might need to give Ava some pointers, she hates the camera right now, so most of my pictures involve me sneaking one before she looks. I have been putting Ava in lots of bloomer sets and bubble this year as well because I am unsure of when all that cutness has to stop.

  3. Yay for being tots of the week. I like rayas bright shirt, super cute

  4. Congrats on Tots of the week, they sure earned it! I love both outfits, and I think they have the modeling thing down pat! Hope you guys had a wonderful vacay!

  5. Cute as always! I love that you find so much used. Any secrets you want to share??!?!? Emma wore another naartjie outfit and it always reminds me of you and your girls!! I may pick her up something new there since we are heading to the outlets tonight!

  6. I love Raya's accessories. :)
    What do you mean you're working on Brielle's poses? She looks sweet in all her pics!

  7. Your girls are soooo cute :) and I love the ice cream shorts

  8. They are just so cute!


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