Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Miss Raya has been blackmailing me lately.

You see, back in Ohio she got a belated birthday gift from Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn....one gift was a tissue paper art kit. Well she has loved making these things, and she made me a flower (and butterfly) to hang on my fridge.

But now she brings up these "gifts" multiple times a day....in true blackmail fashion. Today for example she said, "if you make me take a nap I will never make you a beautiful flower craft again"...and she also says things like "mama, remember when I made you that flower? You better listen to me or I will never ever make one again"  ....obviously in her mind this flower is majorly awesome...and I should be giving into her every demand in fear of losing out on future creations :-P

Some days I can't decide if she's truly an obnoxious diva, or if she's just a typical 4 year old girl LOL.

Anyways, here are a few pics of the girls making these glorious crafts the other day.

And since people seem to enjoy the girls' "modeling", here are a couple outfits from the last few days ;-)

She needed to wear this with capris since it's a tunic length top, but she insisted on the short shorts ...whatever!

This get-up was quite a hit with people in town yesterday during our rain storm....I can't imagine why ;-)

She insisted on wearing the boots, so I picked an outfit to match them lol

Raya decided she needed boots too

I need to burn these giant flower headbands....I'm so tired of them lol

And lastly, this creepy picture. Last night I was printing some photos and ran out of photo paper, so I went and put more in the printer. When I went to get the next photo I saw this---Raya, looking like she should be in a walking dead movie LOL. I had accidentally put the photo paper in upside down and the ink ran like this. Look at her creepy hollow black eyes, her skinny little arm and missing hand, etc. Scared the crap outta me when I picked it up!! haha

Here's the non-creepy version haha

That's all I have for today!


  1. HAHA! You're never going to get a beautiful flower again... Kids are awesome.
    And that scary picture - WOAH! Eeeeek!!!

  2. Haha kids can say the darnedest things.
    That picture is freaky!! Love the normal one

  3. Don't you love blackmail from kids! Ohhh I can't even begin to tell you how much Emma does it!
    And the picture you printed...CREEPY for sure!! LOL

  4. Oh wow.....I hope Hudson hoops off on the black mailfor a few years lol! My niece does it and drives us, insane. That picture is terrifying...keep it for Halloween! The normal one is gorgeous though.

  5. the creepy picture is super creepy, but also quite artsy. You should keep it for your own form of blackmail!

  6. She is a smart girl! Haha!

    And, oh my word, that picture is so freaky! Eesh!

  7. Love the girls doing their crafts together. The picture on the other hand is going to give me nightmares, I've never seen anything like it nor do I ever want to again!!!!!
    Grama F


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