Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Farewell Photoshoot

For Christmas  I gave  Emily a "gift certificate" for a free photoshoot---and so today she asked me  to do photos of Sawyer and Harper and also get some of them with their foreign exchange student, Christine, because she goes back to Germany tonight after being here for 10 months---so they will really  miss her!

I'm super excited with how these turned out. I really think I'm getting into a groove! :-) These were taken behind their house---there is a historic bridge in their backyard

Enjoy!  (These were all taken with my 50mm 1.8 lens---my camera is a Nikon D5100---I use  Lightroom 4 to edit)

****And if you are sick of my photoshoot posts, be sure  to check out my post from earlier today, which isn't a photoshoot! hehe****

I noticed as I was editing this that her shoes were on the wrong feet! LOL

Her baby Sunny

Just a little bit  crazy ;-)

This is Christine!

The kids love her

My sister-in-law

Safe travels Christine!


  1. Beautiful!! What wonderful pictures to remember her with!

  2. These pics are soooooo good!!!!

  3. Gorgeous photos.
    How awesome to have that bridge as a readily availably "prop"!!

  4. These are gorgeous! What a special thing for them and their exchange student to have!

  5. All of them are great and sweet!

  6. I love her red shoes and I love bridge photos! The one of the 3 of them standing on the bridge is my favorite!

  7. I read everyday but rarely comment. These are great. Love them all (and your sister-in-laws shirt!)


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