Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Farewell wrap-up!

We leave tomorrow to visit family in Ohio so this will be my last post for awhile---don't miss me too much!

I thought I'd wrap up a few loose ends today. First, I am dreading this drive through the night tomorrow....the girls are NOT good travelers. I have about 10 new movies I've stock piled, yesterday I went and bought TONS of snacks, we are packing a little potty in the trunk for emergencies....hoping the kids actually sleep and don't whine for 11ish hours haha.

Secondly, I had my eye exam this week for my mysterious symptoms of late. Eyes checked out perfect. I have a slight farsightedness in one eye and nearsightedness in another, which he said happens with age haha...and it could possibly explain some of the discomfort in my right eye but in general it's mild and doesn't require glasses....he said just to keep an eye on things. My vision is still 20/20 though!

I have my MRI tomorrow morning. This is the last thing schedule to investigate my mysterious symptoms. If the MRI doesn't show anything we are just calling them "harmless" symptoms that I have to deal with lol.

Today we got confirmation that Raya got into her preschool, is in the morning class, her teacher is someone I know from growing up, and it's now completely FREE (I am guessing they got a last minute grant) ....yay all around.

When I return from vacation I will undoubtedly have tons to report and many fun pictures!!!!  For now I'll leave you all with a few more favorite photos from the newborn session I posted last night.

Baby yawn!

My girls were never *this* smiley as newborns!

Hard work to open those eyes!


  1. Have fun on vacation. Hope the girls are good on the drive. Loving the rest of your photoshoot

  2. Have a great trip! I love these pictures!

  3. Have a fun trip and hope the girls are good on the drive!

  4. Have safe travels. Can't wait to hear how the 11 hours go, as well as all the fun you'll have!
    And, those pictures are gorgeous. That little man is so precious!

  5. Great pics!

    What part of Ohio are you going to? I'm in Northeastern Ohio, near Cleveland. Hope you bring the sunshine with you! Enjoy your time!

  6. Have a great trip!! Hopefully the girls traveled well for you =)

  7. Hope the drive isn't as awful as you anticipate - have a great time!

    Love those newborn photos - what an adorable babe!

  8. Have such a great trip! I will have to ask you what worked {& what didn't} for your drive, because we will be doing some of our own in the future.

    Okay, seriously, you are an amazing photographer! These.are.FAN FREAKING TASTIC! My favorite is the first one with mama holding him and dad looking on while he is yawning.


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