Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Headbands! ---Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up again with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan for Trendy Tot Tuesday :-)

Today let's talk headbands. Seriously, my girls (especially Raya) are obsessed with hair  accessories, especially headbands! So the other  day I made them a headband holder on the  spur of the  moment and I thought I'd share a little tutorial.

Let me start by saying this  was a spur of the moment, 15 minute project with materials I had on hand! I would add some things to  "pretty" it up if  I  was actually preparing ahead of time :-P I originally  thought about just buying something similiar on Etsy, but then I got looking and found that  most people were selling holders that only had  room for a few headbands....and my girls have so many  I  needed to be able to supersize it! So I  came up with this...

I  got tired after a little bit  so there  are only 15 loops right now....I have space at the  bottom to add many more, but for now I  just  put hair clippies on the bottom part.

 So here's all ya gotta do to make one yourself! Find a piece of  ribbon and cut it the length you want your holder. I used a light pink  ribbon and it's probably 2.5 feet long or so. Then cut other pieces of ribbon (I used hot pink, light pink, and aqua) to approx. 3 inch pieces. Then take each 3 inch piece, fold it in half, and attach the top part (where  the two ends meet) to the full length ribbon (my light pink). This  forms a loop to hang the headbands from. (I  put  my  loops close together to fit more on in a small  space. You can space them however you want though.)

I  used a quick straight stitch on my sewing machine to attach the loops, but  you could also use those  iron on "no sew" strip adhesives, or glue, or handstich.  It doesn't have to be pretty if you space the loops like I did because each loop covers the top of the one below it so your sewing (or whatever) doesn't even show.

You can see my light pink stitching where  I attached the loops
I  then attached a big button to the bottom of mine as a little weight to keep it  hanging  straight. But it's not  really necessary by the time you hang all the stuff on it. 

Up top I just used hot pink ribbon to tie a bow and hang it from a nail in the girls' bedroom----if I  had planned ahead  though I would have gotten one of those  cheap wooden plaques you can buy at any craft  store---paint it and  put a monogram or name on it etc. and use that to hang the ribbon from. Then the top is a little more  decorative :-)

 And there is my finished  15 minute  project! I  might  add a decorative wooden plaque to the top later but it does  the job for now :-) And eventually  I'll  get rid of the clippies hanging  on the bottom and finish adding the rest of the headband loops.....because  as you can see the headbands are plentiful! lol. The good thing is  that  you can actually hang multiple headbands through one loop, depending on how wide they are.

Raya LOVES picking out her own headbands now that she can see them all clearly. I'm sure  we'll  be adding  many more in the coming months!

And since  Trendy Tot Tuesday isn't  complete without  a fashion show, here are just a few of the headbands the girls have  worn in the past:

Gymboree  headband
handmade from local  boutique
Floral  headband from The  Children's Place

White bow headband from Children's Place
The  Children's Place headband

Local boutique headband
Red polkadots from Claires
Of course  this one  from yesterday's post---also The Children's Place

....looks like I have  a thing  for The  Children's Place headbands! haha. They are always a great price though and they have super cute ones.  Check them  out---if your kid won't leave them on at least  pick up a couple for photoshoots---they make a great "prop"! :-)


  1. I really need to buy some headbands for Autumn! She is an all bow girl!

  2. That's such a cute idea! We have a gazillion flower clips and elastic headbands, but my 6 year old is starting to wear regular headbands more often. I may have to try that!

  3. You are way too talented! haha =) Love the headband holder!

  4. This is awesome! And you just "whipped" it up... just like that! I want your talent! :)


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