Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world

This was the scene in our  playroom this morning, like pretty much every morning for the past week. Awhile back my mom pointed out that all  the Barbie stuff at her house was technically mine, and that  I could take some of it home for the girls if I wanted.  So I went through and picked some favorites and we set up a Barbie  house. The girls LOVE playing Barbies.  I was never  much of a Barbie girl myself growing up---I always loved baby dolls more---but Raya seems to be much more into Barbies. Guess that shouldn't surprise me since  she's a fashionista who loves dress up and accessories lol.

....and while I  do get  sick of stepping on millions of tiny Barbie shoes in my carpet I got to thinking this morning that I really do enjoy helping to be Barbie's stylist haha. I mean, just  how many fashion looks can you give Batman or Thomas the Train? Clearly I'd be in a sad state of affairs if  I had boys haha. So bring on Barbie! It's a Barbie world at this house and I love it :-)

Nice face Brielle lol :-P

I love listening to Brielle play Barbies. Her dialogue always  involves finding a baby and making it say "where's my mama?!" in a little whiny voice....and then she'll  find a Mama and say "here I  am!"  haha

I had to laugh at Raya's questions when she  saw my "Ken" doll. She said "Mama, why does this Daddy have an earring and a long braid? He's a boy!"  .....I wasn't sure how to explain that the 90s were a little crazy and "Ken" was really Jordan from New Kids on the  Block LOL. The braided "rat tail" look needs to make a comeback, don't ya think?

And here are my own little  Barbie dolls showing off the outfits they chose this morning!

This dress was from Gymboree's recent $12.99 sale (I  had an additional 20% off too!) I  love this  on Raya.

Seriously, she's two and  already bustin' out these poses lol.Love that hand on hip :-P
(This dress is  from a trip to the consignment  store when I scored big--I got like  5 gymboree dresses for $1.50 each haha)

Later this morning we put on some paint  shirt  to do some do-a-dot painting...

I have never  tried having Brielle  use these on actual do-a-dot today I  taught her how to stay in the circles. Her first  attempt (blue) wasn't  so great

This  yellow was her  second attempt and look how awesome she was doing already! :-)
Then after  lunch I  had a followup appt. with  my doctor after my recent ER trip lol. After the appt. we got some DQ icecream and then came home to play outside!

I  simply cannot  figure  out  how to take pictures well  in bright sunlight. Is there a secret? A different lens? I  make all the ISO/SS/f adjustments I'm supposed to but they still end up so bright :-/
Here are a couple swing pictures that weren't  too bad...

Then the bugs  drove us to the front yard (seriously, all  the  recent rain has our yard SWARMING with insects---ewwwww!)

Our bubble fun was cut short  in the front yard from the yucky  bugs too! But  I still  got a couple quick pics. The  girls LOVE bubbles. (And in case you didn't know, it's *really* hard to blow a bubble, quick grab your camera, and then take a picture before the bubble pops! haha)

And now  we wait for Daddy to  get home! A pretty typical, yet wonderful Monday. Hope you had the same!


  1. cute pictures. my girls are becoming interested in barbies too. I have a whole tub of mine that I saved. Not sure Im ready to give them to my girls yet, I'll wait till Kendall gets a little bigger first.

  2. I used to love Barbie's when I was little, and Emma has a ton of them, but she doesn't ever play with them much. I love all your photos! The girls outfits are adorable as always =)

  3. That pose of Brielle's is too much. Little sassy pants right there!

  4. I can just hear Brielle talking to her Barbie looking for her mama!!!!!! It cracks me up how Raya wears that headband way down on her forehead. Love all the pics, we need to do a grandkid photo shoot soon, so I can redeem my xmas gift!!!!
    Grama F

  5. I was SUCH a Barbie girl, how fun is this?? I'm really sad because I decided to give all of my Barbies and Quints (do you remember those?) to a neighbor girl when I was a teenager. Such a bad decision, I seriously had everything they'd ever made, the Quints were the best.

    The girls look precious, I am LOVING that green dress on Brielle!!

  6. My girls are barbie girls (as was I!) I LOVE Brielle's green dress. Wow.... I didn't expect you to say it was from Gymboree!

  7. In bright sunlight, you'll need to bump down the ISO as far as you can, and bump up the F-stop to 10 or higher. You're not going to be able to get the awesome background blur for those kind of pictures. It took me a while to figure it out!


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