Saturday, June 1, 2013

Near Death experience and my watermark debut!

Ok, so some of  you may be wondering why May has  come and gone and I haven't reopened  my Etsy shop...or you may want an update on my back pain f rom the other week....well here ya go!

People, I had a near death experience :-P Yesterday my mom took  me to the ER and we were there  for like 5 hours. Here's  the thing:

You know I have  Rheumatoid arthritis. Most of you probably know I  had a "1% chance" side effect  to one of my medications back in 2004, and got cancer  in my neck (Luckily it was contained in my salivary gland so I didn't  need  chemo, etc.). Basically I  could  go on and on explaining all the rare/weird health issues  and side effects I always end up having.

Well in the  fall  I  had some vision problems (blurry vision, pressure in my eyes, etc.) and went to the eye  doctor where they said my vision was fine and  it might be strain of  some kind...after a few weeks it got better and went away. Then about 3 months ago I  had a "twitch" in my upper lip...people talking to me could see my lip twitching---it  was weird! My family doc said to cut back on caffiene, etc. and after awhile it did  go away.  About a month ago my feet started going numb/tingly off and off. I didn't  think  much of it at the time and as the month went  on I started to think maybe it was related to my arthritis. Well then about a week and a half ago I had the intense back  pain that then turned  into neck  pain. I  thought maybe I  pulled a muscle, but my family doctor didn't feel a muscle spasm etc. and said if it wasn't  better  in a week to talk to my RA doctor about  it. So on Thursday morning I went to my RA doctor and he did neck/spine xrays to see if there was something there, but  he was stumped  about the tingling feel (which I assumed  was related to RA) and said he'd have to send me to a Neurologist if it continued.  Later that day my vision started  going crazy again, like  it had  months earlier---blurry, eye  pressure, and now a bad headache. Then I was at my mom's  to pick  up the girls and  suddenly all  ten of my fingertips turned bright red and went  numb.

Basically  at this point I'm starting to freak out that I have a brain tumor (and it really wasn't out of the realm of possibility since I had cancer in my neck  before and the eye pressure was on the same same of my head and the  neck  cancer!) Then Friday morning the  eye got worse, my whole head was pounding, and I started feeling dizzy, etc. (With the help of google  other possible diseases I had were Diabetes, MS, and  other horrible  things ;-)

So  I call  my  mom who  leaves work  and  drives me to the ER....long story a little bit  shorter, they did  a CT scan of my head and I'm happy to report my head is fine! Phew. They also did a vision screening which had me with still perfect 20/20 vision, and they checked my eye pressure which was the same in both eyes. They also ran lots of blood tests and everything came back fine---no diabetes or anything else they check  for.

But now that  leaves us still  stumped. We are waiting for results of my vitamin B12 test b/c  a deficient in that can cause the tingling in hands a nd feet---that  would be a super easy fix. If that comes back  fine then I"m headed  to the neurologist! But  at least  we have pretty much ruled out all  life threatening things. I may still need an MRI of my spine  to check for pinched  nerves etc.

So there you go---I'm not opening my Etsy shop until I have a little better idea  of what's  going  on, because  if my hand numbness would get worse or something I don't want to have a ton of orders I  can't fulfill.

The plus side? My mom didn't want me watching the girls by myself now this weekend (Lee comes home Sunday from fishing) so she took them last night and is keeping them until Sunday morning---yay for a break! :-)

And with the girls gone I needed new photo subjects---so here are our puppies! (And check out my new watermark! I just paid someone on Etsy $10 to do it because I didn't want to mess with making my own lol. I got a black one, white one, and some in a version that I could  make business  cards with etc. I'm not actually going into business  right now (not  sure I really want to---I only plan  to be a SAHM for  one more year)  but I  do have a few family/friends who have  me take t heir  pics and now they  look  more profession :-P

This is Gunner---Lee's "hunting" dog, who spends about  4 days a year hunting pheasants and then sleeps on the  couch the remainder  of the year :-)

This is my "first born" Griffin---aka  "Griffy-poo"  ...he's a yorkie/poodle mix (better known as a yorkiepoo!)
He's become more of Lee's  puppy since having the girls---he wouldn't  look at my camera so I said "where's Daddy?!" and he got all excited trying to look  for Lee, poor thing

The collar  box is  to keep  them in our yard with  the underground fence
So there you have it---in summary I'm not dying of a brain tumor and I have a fancy new watermark---it's a good day! hehe


  1. I hope you get some answers soon and hope you start feeling better! How scary!

    Your watermark is awesome! I love it! And your photo subjects are pretty darn cute too =)

  2. Well that all sounds very tramatizing but Im glad to hear its nothing life threatening.
    Love the watermark, it looks great

  3. I am so sorry you are going through all of this, I am glad they ruled out it being anything serious. I am sure its still stressful, though.

  4. You went through a crazy thing that is for sure. I hope it is an easy fix and you get things rolling right along to get better!!!

    I love your new lens photos!!! Ah-ma-zing!

  5. Sounds like we had similar ER stories this week. I am finally getting back to normal today. -Charlette

  6. wow, so sorry to hear about the health scares. I've had weird health stuff too lately, but nothing quite that intense. Hope it is figured out soon!!!

  7. Oh my gosh! I hope all this goes away as quickly as it came! It's times like this where it's nice to have a mom who can whisk away the kids, right? Hope you're feeling better!!

    Cute dogs! I'm surprised we don't see more pictures of them!

  8. Oh my goodness! I hope you find out what's causing these issues - SOON!
    As for your pups, adorable! Is Gunner a Weimaraner??


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