Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ohio, Day Two

Not much time for blogging, but here are a few pics from our fun yesterday! We went to a Farm Park and to Lake Erie.

This was the girls' first trip to a "real" beach. I think one time they went to a Iowa beach along a river or something lol

We didn't bring suits because the water temp was only 60 degrees, but Brielle hopped in anyways haha

Raya and Brielle went out in the Kayak too---they loved it!

Best picture of the day---cowgirl Brielle! Yee-haw! ;-)

Be sure to check out my post yesterday too!


  1. Cute pictures. Looks like the girls loved the beach. That cowgirl pic of Brielle is adorable

  2. Great pics.! Especially love the last one! :)

    Have a great rest of your trip!

  3. How fun! And that last pic is definitely a framer!

  4. That farm park looks so fun, love that last picture. Which beach did you make it to? Not sure I've been to that one you're at! Hope you're enjoying it up here!!

  5. What a fun park.
    Brielle cracks me up - freezing cold water and she just jumps right in. HA!!


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