Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ohio trip, Day One---zoo trip, picture heavy!

So the drive out to Ohio wasn't bad--it was tolerable. Sadly about 2 hours into our drive the DVD players for the car BROKE! Lee made a comment "can't they just look out the window and listen to the radio until we get there?" ....pretty sure my eyes got as big as saucers as I let out a growl and said "No, they can NOT 'look out the window' for the next 6 hours....we are pulling over and looking for a Walmart!"

.....a short while later, with brand new DVD players purchased, we were on the road again ;-)

We did get awfully tired towards the end, but arrived around 4am in Ohio and everyone went straight to bed!

We hadn't really planned anything specific ahead of time, but on our first day there Aunt Megan suggested we go to the zoo---great idea! We went in the afternoon for a couple hours and it was perfect. The girls had fun and the weather was great. Cousin Ryan has gotten so big and is now bigger than Brielle! I had fun taking pictures of course, although the constant change from sun to shade kind of killed me...I'm not that quick with changing settings and the bright sun wasn't great for photos. I still have a ton of pics to share though----enjoy!!

Raya wasn't happy that we stopped looking at animals to take pictures. Ryan couldn't figure out why she was such a drama queen ;-)

Not an easy task preparing for cousin photoshoots!

I'd like to know what's going on here too lol

Now some pics from Megan's camera....

Being a flamingo

....and a second batch of zoo pictures, in no particular order haha. Sorry guys, these posts are a mess but I have lots of pics I want to post and I don't feel like spending hours doing it :-P

And to end, a few other randoms from our first day hanging out at cousin Ryan's house :-)

Phew! Day 1 has exhausted me just looking at all our fun pictures lol :-) Stay tuned for day 2!

**And don't miss my earlier post today--lots of cuteness**


  1. The zoo looks like such fun!
    We're headed to the Omaha Zoo next week. I hope our trip is as successful as your zoo trip!

  2. You really got some great pictures! Much better than the type I get when we are out! The one where Raya looks ticked is hilarious!

  3. Looks like they all had a great time at the zoo. You got some really cute pictures.

  4. Cute Pics! looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. What a fun day! Glad yall made it safely. We are still holding out on the dvd player in the car, but with an eight hour drive to the beach in two weeks, I am considering caving!

  6. Love her dress with the denim jacket! Looks like a fun day... I don't blame you for stopping to buy new dvd players!


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