Friday, June 21, 2013

Ohio Trip, Day Two

Ok, back to my Ohio trip pictures! So on day two we ended up going to a farm park and then a beach along Lake Erie in the afternoon. Lots of fun! Soooo many pics to share so I'll let them do the rest of the talking ;-)  Enjoy!

I was completely obsessed with these guys---I want to buy some and let them live in my house---they are SO CUTE! haha

Raya's look of horror is because the horse touched it's mouth to her head haha

And then it was off to the beach!!!

Brielle loved the kayak!

Raya didn't want to go at first since she's always chicken haha...but she ended up liking it to after I forced her ;-)

Megan took this pic of me---sacrificing my legs to the cold lake in order to get cute pics of the kids playing on the beach haha

And then back at home the kids played outside that night!

Brielle was OBSESSED with their cat


  1. I love all the pictures! =) It looks like you guys had a great time. And I love the picture of you standing in the water! haha!

  2. These are such great pics!!! I totally love the one of Brielle riding the bucking horse!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. So much fun! Your trip looks like one *I* would enjoy just as much as the kids!
    Do you have a cat? Looks like maybe you should get one... :)


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