Thursday, June 6, 2013

Princess Raya

Yesterday Raya spotted this tiara headband at the store and was so excited. Today she then planned her entire outfit today around showcasing this headband. After she dressed herself she said "I don't think people will know that it's me! They will think I'm a beautiful princess...and then I will take my crown off and say, 'no, it's me Rayana!'" lol

Princess Rayana :-P
Brielle then insisted on choosing *her* outfit...she told me this was her  "favorite twirly dress" ...too bad it's  not  even a dress kid, but  whatever floats your boat!

I had an adorable matching light blue headband but she insisted on this random pink  one lol
That's all  I've  got today---supposed to be cleaning house now while the girls are at Grandma's so I better go wipe something :-P


  1. I like how Brielle's sandals are on the wrong feet, reminds me of Keira

  2. I love the princess story.

  3. Hahaha, Brielle's shoes are cracking me up!
    Did Raya pull off her incognito look?? :)

  4. Tell Raya I totally didn't even recognize that was her! ;)


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