Friday, June 7, 2013

So Adorable!

This  is the "part 2" follow-up to my  post from a couple days ago (that post was titled "So Annoying!") ....just so everyone  knows my girls are both annoying AND adorable lol ;-)

Things  my girls do that  are SO ADORABLE:

* Whenever  Brielle comes up and gives Raya a hug (which is quite  often) Raya squeals, "Look, sissy loves me!" and has the biggest smile on her face.

* If we go out for icecream we could all have  identical  twist cones, but the girls still say "Mama, you can taste mine too, it's so delicious!" and  I have to taste each of their  cones and pretend I'm trying something very yummy (and different) than my own ;-)

* Raya often  says "I like  Brielle's shirt/dress/shoes, so when I grow little again she will share  with me so I can wear  it."

* Raya still asks me to sing her  the "sunshine song" every night. Brielle usually  sings  along in her little squeaky voice.

* If I buy Raya something she  always says "Thanks for buying me ______ Mama, I love it!"  and she sounds  so  cute and sincere.

* Raya says hilarious things every day that make me laugh. The  most recent was when we went to visit my friend and her new baby. On the drive over I was telling Raya that  we were going to see a new baby boy, etc. etc. As we were walking  up the driveway Raya looks up at me and says, "Mama, I LOVE babies! ......even *boy* babies."   lol

* If  you ask Brielle if she was good or naughty at someone's house she will  usually give you the most adorable look and then tilt her head and say "NAUGHTY!" and laugh her cute (evil) laugh.

* Brielle always has her "baby monkey" nearby and she will now  often  make him talk and say funny  things haha.

* Brielle loves to cuddle and as we're cuddling she'll repeat "I snuggle Mama!" over and over again

* When Lee comes home from work the girls usually run out into the driveway in bare feet saying "Daddy!"

* Brielle likes to "read" her own books  now. It sounds like  gibberish when she does it and  every time Raya ends up looking at me real serious and  saying "Mama, I don't think sissy can read".

*When the girls  get excited about something they  squeal "yay!" in unison and then do a little gallop/skipping dance together

And I could go you can see  they definitely  have their  adorable  moments!

Here are a  few random pics from today to show you just how adorable ....

"Baby Monkey" is hugging the imposter monkey (the backup I bought which she refuses to use because she can tell it's NOT Baby Monkey haha. So today  I let her play with it and she said "they are best friends!" Maybe if  she  plays with the imposter a little he'll  get worn/dirty/germy enough to pass for Baby monkey ;-)

Showing off the two bandaids she talked  Grandma into giving her yesterday ....they are covering "owies" that are about 2 weeks old haha

Yet  another tiara headband! She has two. This Hanna Andersson playdress set is on the small side, but I found it at the consigment store so I had to buy it. I'll either save it for Brielle or sell it---it's worth 3x what I paid!

Guess who found the stinkin' giant flower  headbands?! haha.

This is Brielle's "OMG, THERE IS A FLY ON THE WINDOW!" face

Have a great weekend everyone! We have a pretty low key  weekend I think. I have a photoshoot schedule Saturday with a family, but we may get rained out....we'll have to see! Other than that I'm going to start packing for our upcoming trip to Ohio to visit cousin Ryan and Aunt Megan and Uncle Shawn---can't wait! We leave later next week :-)


  1. My girls can be sweet when they want to be and they are some characters! Kids can be so funny sometimes

  2. Extra bits of ice cream, even if you have to pretend it's something new? I like it. If this is what I have to look forward to then heck yes!!
    Those little ladies are pretty stinking adorable. :)

  3. Love this post!!!!! they are way more adorable then annoying!!!!
    Grama F


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