Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Things my girls do that  are SO  ANNOYING:

* Fight over anything pink. Any object in our house that is pink is named "Pinky"....the lego girl wearing the pink  dress? Pinky. The headband that is pink? Pinky. The cup/bowl/spoon that is pink? Pinky. ....and no matter how much pink is in this  house (a lot!) it's never  enough  because without fail both girls will  want the exact same "Pinky" at the exact same time.

* "I'm huuuuuungry"  ....they  say this approx. 1,356,287 times each day. As they  are swallowing their  last bite of cereal they are already starting to say "I'm hungry" or "when will it be lunch time?"

* They cry when it's time to pick up toys. Doesn't  matter if I ask them to pick up 2 barbies off the  floor or  clean their entire  room. Either way if I tell  them they need to pick  up there is immediately tears and whining. Raya always says, "It's to much! I need help! I'm too little! Why do *I* have to do it?"

* They must be attached to my leg while I try to put on my makeup. If not attached to my leg they are digging through my bathroom drawers looking for chapstick or lotion so that they  can make a big  mess.

* They want to do everything themselves.  Even if buckling the carseat takes 8 minutes and it takes Brielle  5 minutes to put her underwear on the right way.

* Wanting to watch Dora (Brielle) and The  Lion Kind (Raya) over and over and over again.

* Needing to  sleep in my bed during thunderstorms.

* Wanting to wear at least 4 bandaids at any given time.

*Screaming like someone  has just  dropped dead, simply because one of the puppies  snuck upstairs.

* Using multiple water cups each day because  they keep changing their  mind on which one they want.

* Antagonizing eachother when I'm not  looking and then  putting on the "I have no idea why she's  crying" face when the other one starts a meltdown

*Fighting like it's World War 3 as soon as I answer the phone's a good thing  they are  so damn cute or else they'd be sold on the black market! :-)

(Pictures today  are really crappy because it was super dark  and  rainy....)

Gap dress and jacket, Kmart shoes

Would you believe  that  I  just happened to stumble across a matching Gap tank and jacket at the consignment store for Brielle? Clearly it was meant to be ;-) Shoes are Payless (and her  choice today haha)

So please  share (misery loves company right?!), what super annoying thing(s) do YOUR kids do?!


  1. The "I'm hungry" a million times a day is super annoying!! Something that Keira does that's super annoying is repeating the same thing over and over and over! Kaylee's whining annoys me.

  2. Now you need to do a post on all the things they do that you love and will miss when they are grown and gone!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Where do I begin, ha?!

    I seriously love these outfits! That is so crazy that you found the matching one for Brielle! Totally meant to be! :)

  4. * I'm hungry a million times a day too! Ashby does that all.of.the.time!
    * Kennedy being bossy and yelling at Ashby. Drives me bonkers!
    * Interrupting me while I'm talking to someone, on the phone, etc.

    I could go on & on...but then it may appear that I don't like my children. And that is the farthest thing from the truth! Except maybe today. Ashby drove me to drink. Except I don't drink. So she drove me to indulge in way to many cookies! ;)

  5. Haha!!

    We are in the "I do it" phase, so everything takes forever. It used to be JUST buckling the top buckle of her carseat (which took about 30 seconds so no biggie). Now it's climbing in the car, getting in her seat, putting her arms in the straps AND buckling the top buckle. I'm putting my foot down on the bottom buckle. It's 100 degrees outside, kid!!

  6. O girl, I could have written this post (insert the color 'green' for pink). I swear they do their best to drive us nuts sometimes!


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