Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I know I already updated once today (by the way, don't miss the cute sprinkler pics from earlier!)


I just had to share this picture that left me speechless this morning. You see, we are in the depths of "I do it myself" hell here at our house---and so I spent the entire morning after Brielle's potty break looking at this:

She screamed if I tried to fix them, but when she saw me laughing and grabbing my camera she proudly showed off her handiwork ;-)

And as if *that* didn't leave you speechless enough, how about these---you see, my girls have been coming up with some awesome modeling poses lately. When Raya pulled out this pose though I had to laugh, it was so good haha. She said, "was that a pretty one?" ....yes Raya, your skills amaze me!

We went to the splash pad today!!! (The sprinkler pics were from yesterday)
Today at the splash pad you can imagine how many people commented on Brielle's swimcap :-) 

And yes, considering she's not even 2.5 years yet, she can rock the poses most days too. Good work Brielle! :-)
So as I said....speechless.


  1. BAHA - those undies are hilarious!
    You have some natural talent on your hands. :)

  2. So funny!! We are so deeply trenched in "I do it" that I'm not sure we'll ever get out of it!!

    Is that the cute blue suit you thought you had lost? These blue eyed girls look so good in their blue swimsuits!! I ordered one from Hannah Andersson off zulily and was SO upset that they sent the bottoms and then told me they wouldn't be able to send the top. I wanted to explain to the customer service lady that it was perfect for my blue eyed girl and they needed to just find me another one stat. :)

    1. No, different blue suit...clearly I have a problem ;-)

      What the heck are you supposed to do with bottoms and no top?! I'd sue them :-P

  3. Hahahaha! Get used to this dressing and doing things themselves!

    I love how Raya asked if the pose was a good one after you laughed, haha! :)

  4. LOL that pic is hilarious.
    Loving raya's new pose, my girls need to learn a few new ones

  5. Hahaha those pictures are too cute!! I love Raya's pose =)


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