Friday, June 28, 2013

Window to the future....

Awhile back on Pinterest there was a picture floating around that a mom took of her young daughter wearing her wedding dress. She was going to display the wedding someday at her daughter's future wedding. I LOVED this idea. I decided today that Raya was the perfect age to do this with (I will do Brielle when she's a little older). So we took my wedding dress and headpiece to the backyard and snapped a few photos.

My girlie girl was in HEAVEN playing dress up with mommy's wedding dress.

And let it be said that I can't believe how gorgeous she looks, and am somewhat upset that my 4-year-old can so easily upstage me in my own gown haha. She is going to make a beautiful bride one day (if she so chooses :-)

Found her feet!!! She was worried about them haha

That's one pretty little girl---not that I'm bias or anything ;-)

Here is a picture of *me* wearing my dress, over 5 years ago! It will be fun to display them all side by side after I do Brielle's eventually.


  1. Such a cute idea! I wish mine wasn't boxed up and preserved! LOL! Or, I'd be tempted to steal this idea!

    1. Yeah, my "gown" is actually a bridesmaid dress haha---it wasn't worth preserving and I don't plan to wear it again--so after Brielle's shoot I will probably toss it (I'm not the typical bride in that regard, I know haha)

  2. I loved this idea when I saw it on Pinterest. These turned out adorable! I want to do it with my girls after I get married

  3. Love this. I want to do the same with my dress when Emma gets bigger!

  4. What a cute idea!! Emma has asked me over and over again to see my dress and I always tell her "later". LOL I'll have to get it out for her so she can see it. Mine wasn't anything too fancy so I never had it boxed or preserved at all.

  5. Raya is so gorgeous! I've seen this on Pinterest, too. Hoping we'll have a little girl one day to recreate similar images!


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