Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Help me brainstorm some solutions! :-)

Ok, I'm calling on all my readers to help me brainstorm some ideas for recent "issues" my girls are having lol.

1) Raya has started lying quite a bit. Now I know that *every* kid does this, but she's pretty smart about it! What she does is she blames Brielle for things---but she doesn't wait until I catch them before pointing the finger (which I would expect) but instead she is proactive and will hunt me down to tattle on Brielle. For example today, Raya comes and tells me "sissy did something bad. She colored on the slide downstairs" ....well, Brielle has a history of coloring on things so I totally believed Raya, reprimanded Brielle, etc....and I mean, if Raya was at fault why would she bring it to my attention that anything had been written on? That's what I was thinking anyways! (See, she's real good). So fast forward to awhile later and Lee tells me someone had colored on the slide, to which I responded "yeah, Raya told me Brielle did and she got in trouble"....and then I hear Lee (in the basement with the slide) say "um, I am pretty sure it was Raya because there are actual alphabet letters written all over it"   lol. Raya finally confessed it was her who had written all over the slide.

Ugh! She is doing this all the time lately! So today my "good mom" solution was a sit down conversation talking about the importance of being truthful etc. After my speech Raya says "so how many minutes would I have to sit in timeout if you caught me lying?" and I said "a looong time....lying is not good" ....and then she said "how many minutes would I have to sit in timeout if I told the truth?" and I randomly said "well, not as long as if you lie and I catch you!" .....and Raya said "well, let's make a deal---if I lie then I stay in timeout a long time, but if I tell the truth I just stay in timeout one little minute....that sounds fair!"   Kid, your mind games are killing me here lol

2) Raya is driving me nuts with sudden "sensory issues" ....now I know this is super common (I remember going through a stage of not wearing jeans, and then another stage where I always pulled my underwear up really high and folded them over the top of my pants hahaha)  ....and I had a cousin I remember who went through a stage where she couldn't wear socks unless you spent forever getting the toe seam just right :-P.....BUT Raya's issue is so annoying! It's mostly that she constantly feels like she has a wedgie (but she doesn't)....so she cries and carries on when she has to wear any type of pants---now even leggings bother her! I usually ignore her and then after 15 minutes of crying she totally forgets about it and never complains the rest of the day....but the battle to get through the initial sensory disturbance is tiresome. Any ideas? She also complains about any elastic in her tops (like empire waists, elastic arms or drop waists, etc) and she doesn't like the feel of 3/4 sleeves or capris...and shoes are a nightmare b/c she thinks everything is too small and too tight (it's not). She cries about pigtails or any ponytail too.

And like I said, after 15 minutes she's over it and wears everything just fine!!! No matter how many times I remind her that she always gets used to it, we still have the same initial battle every morning. Ideas?

3) Brielle is in a "mama help/mama do it" stage. I feel like she just got over the "I do it!" stage, where she never wanted help doing anything...and now she is annoying and wants me to help her with EVERYTHING. She can no longer wash her hands, find her stuffed animals, put on shoes, etc. without me helping her. She tells me she's a baby and not a big girl. Any ideas on this one? Just drives me crazy that she used to go wash her hands independently just fine and now I need to walk her to the bathroom and help her, or she screams and carries on for 20 minutes about it...

Any help on these things is appreciated! Where is that parenting manual when you need it---these kids should come with instructions (and warning labels!) :-)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday--- Modeling DIVA!

Linking up again with Kelly, Megan, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday! They look to be doing a giveaway this week where you can be entered to win a $20 gift card to Target for linking up, so ya'll should link up!

This week our attire isn't anything too fancy, but the "modeling" moves killed me today, so I had to share LOL

Brielle is wearing Gap embroidered jeans (I am OBSESSED as I've mentioned before. Since Raya hates jeans, and can't fit into them very well anyways, I pretty much fulfill my embroidered jean obsession with Brielle. You should see the collection I've acquired for fall and winter ;-)

With the Gap jeans she's wearing a lace front shirt from JC Penny. You guys, JC Penny actually has some really adorable kid's clothing! You should check it out.

Headband is The Children's Place. We are still on a headband kick here.

Enjoy this fashion show! Brielle started off mad (she is mad for no reason 50% of the time haha....such a stinker!)

Notice how she purses her lips into that pout---it's her signature move :-P

Love how she strikes a pose, while still pouting (about nothingness)

Trying to keep the pout going, but smiles are coming to the surface!

AND.....my modeling diva is back in the game! :-)

Of course we can't forget Miss Raya either---she's wearing Naartjie, which we love around here. They have some really cute stuff out right now that you should check out :-)

I simply can't decide which girl is more divalicious! :-)
Happy Tuesday!

Movie Monday

Haven't posted any movies in awhile...here are a couple quick ones from this morning. Please excuse the fact that my living room looks like it threw up on itself lol ;-)

Raya came up with this little "show" on her own lol

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hiking with Daddy

Today Lee took the girls hiking. There was a battle with lots of crying to get Raya to wear jeans, but eventually Lee got her into hiking clothes and he says they had fun! We are having unseasonably cool temps right now, so it was a good day for a hike. Here are some pics he took

And to combat all this outdoorsy fun, here were the girls yesterday as we were getting ready to head to the local farmers market. It's actually a new city market building, that also has like a farmers market in the parking lot. So neat! We will definitely be going back. We got veggies/sweet corn, homemade salsa and guacamole, and cupcakes! :-)
Raya is wearing Naartjie, Brielle is wearing Pumpkin Patch tank and Gymbo leggings...both in Gap jean jackets

Here is Raya showing off our cupcakes! We got strawberry margarita, key lime pie, monster cookie, pink vanilla, white chocolate berry, and double chocolate :-)

Stay tuned for my official update on last week's Adventureland trip and zoo trip---I promise it's coming! :-) Don't miss my update from yesterday---feeding the giraffes!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feeding giraffes!

We've had a very busy couple days! I have pictures and an update coming soon, but for now check out the fun we had feeding giraffes yesterday :-)

Harper was scared

Brielle had no fear!

It was well worth the $2 per kid we paid to feed them---so cool!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Let it be known that I had told them to put on "play clothes" if they wanted to go play outside. I guess the term "play clothes" is subjective lol



Tomorrow we are going to Adventureland to ride rides all day, and Friday we are going to a zoo that is only a couple hours away, but we've never been to. Lots of fun Grandma and cousin time coming up----I'll try to take a few pictures!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Matilda Jane-- Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up for Trendy Tot Tuesday again with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan!
Around this house we love to try new brands. From talking with fellow clothing lovers various places online I've discovered there are people who love one look/brand and buy almost only that exclusively (only shop at Gymboree, only shop boutique, only like smocked, etc.) and then there are people like me who just love everything. I love experimenting with new brands and styles (and perhaps it's because my girls can look cute in absolutely everything ;-)
In the children's clothing world it's not long before you run into Matilda Jane. Their look is very distinct---they design their own exclusive fabrics---their items are supposed to have that "handmade" or "boutique" look. It's sold similar to the way Scentsy or Thirty-one is sold---people can host house parties and a "trunkkeeper" comes over with clothes and you buy from the party. However this seems to be very popular in southern states---Matilda Jane is much less common in other places (here in Iowa around me I don't think I've ever seen anyone in it personally). If you don't have a local trunkkeeper you can order through one through email and they are like your virtual trunkkeeper (I've never done this either). You can buy on ebay or facebook (resale is really HOT for Matilda Jane)....or, like I did most recently, you can buy directly from their website (only certain items are on the website) and they do occasionally have sales, like the recent one I bought from. There are also "Platinum" uploads that they do sporadically, of like one-of-a-kind pieces....and people stalk these for hours on end hoping to catch an upload and buy---and they often sell the pieces then on ebay for like $200 sometimes lol (yeah, let's just say we won't be buying any of that ;-)
That's about all I know! haha...I will say that I don't really care for the super handmade looking things (knot dresses/apron dresses/etc.), which really are popular and iconic to Matilda Jane ....but for us they are just so unpractical and since Matilda Jane isn't popular around here they would stick out like a sore thumb. (I love all the little southern children in their fancy MJ knot dresses though :-)
Personally I LOOOOOVE the knit pieces....this material is unlike anything else we have. Hard to explain but it's thick, super soft knit like, but also feels like it has some spandex or something in it. Anyways, I think it's great. :-)
First up, here is Brielle in the Luna dress and Duchess ruffles...both size 2 and both too big :-P Got these for next year---that pants are rolled twice at the waist. But we had to try it on anyways!

The duchess ruffles go with tons from this line, so I think I will need to find at least one more top/dress to wear with them. The great thing about Matilda Jane is that their stuff is so easy to get at least 2 years wear out of. These pants really look ok now when they are rolled, will look perfect as pants next year, and Raya could wear them as capris now---so that means we could theoretically get like 4 years wear of out them haha. The Luna dress would fit Raya as a top now too I'm sure.

Ok, here is Raya in the Peaches and Cream dress. We still need to find leggings for this one---I kinda want to find some blue ones to match the neck part of the dress. This is size 6.

When she twirls we definitely need some leggings hehe

Don't they look like little southern girls? hehe. Too cute.

And as a reminder, here were the other two Matilda Jane Emilia dresses we got, that I shared the other day.

And since I've had a couple people inquire, from what I've seen if you can get Matilda Jane for under $30 it's usually a good deal, and you will see your money back when you sell. So if you are looking on ebay and for sales that is sorta my sweet spot personally. Now certainly there are *many* matilda jane items that resell for $50-$100 no problem....but if you aren't familiar with the brand and the popular pieces you can kinda use the $30 mark as a guide in my opinion. And really, since I bought these dresses on sale I should see my money back on them---making them cheaper than a Walmart Garanimals shirt---crazy cool right?! :-)

***WARNING---Let me add my own personal thoughts here quickly on resale. There are many people I've encountered who *depend* on resale. They buy things way out of their price range and budget, depending on the money back when they resell. They have major anxiety about pieces being ruined and hurting the resale value, etc. I DON'T DO THIS---and wouldn't recommend it. In my opinion resale value is only an added bonus---if we wear and enjoy our clothing and can resell it at the end then awesome. However if it doesn't sell for some reason or is ruined, etc. it's not the end of the world. Nothing I buy is on credit or outside my budget. Thankfully I have all my little side businesses giving me fun money to play around with---and while I do hope to sell a majority of the girls' clothing when we are done I don't want to give my readers a false impression like you can buy a ton of expensive clothes and wear them for "free" and 100% get your money back. So consider yourself warned! :-P

And to end, here is a quick sample of items from their website currenly (There is NO SALE right now.)

These are examples of the "fussy" items I like seeing on other kids, but don't really buy for my own:

(I do think these are cute for professional pictures though :-)

And here are some items that I *would* buy----If I had unlimited funds and more days in the year to wear them haha

So what kind of shopper are YOU? Do you like to stick with one or two brands and be a diehard fan, or are you wishy washy and constantly trying new ones? :-)