Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July, Part Two!

Our good friends arrived on the 4th with their daughter Bryn (one of Raya's BFFs---and Brielle thinks they are BFFs too haha). We had gotten them matching tanks from Kohls (Jumping Beans brand) and our goal was to do a cute little photoshoot! However Miss Bryn was all out of sorts from their drive over and such, so she was not having any of it!! I did get a couple cute ones of my own girls though.

The empty spot on Brielle's other side was meant for Brynley---use your imagination ;-)

Mom and Dad, you will probably never get this crate back lol

Our photoshoot didn't last too long b/c as you can see, the girls no longer would look at me!
All afternoon the girls played toys, played on our swingset, and spent a lot of time in the sandbox! They played well together and allowed us adults to sit on the deck, which was nice!

 Here are some pics that Terri took....

Bryn taught Raya how to do "peace" haha

THey have played in our sandbox for hours

Bryn hates fireworks, but we went anyways---she almost started her hair on fire trying to do sparklers while covering her ears!

SHe spent most the time in the van :-P

Then yesterday we took the girls to a splash pad...they loved it. We did smores at night. Here are a few random pics I took of them yesterday, spraying "spiders" with their water bottle haha

And then yesterday afternoon my NEXT order (for the 50% off sale I mentioned a few days ago) came! I really wish I had ordered more---it's the first sale they've had in like 4 years! And everything is to die for. I think I might stop buying every other brand and save all my money for NEXT---there is nothing with the same detail in the US, alas. I will save my fall/winter picks for this week's Trendy Tot Tuesday, but let's just say the new lines coming out are the cutest things I've ever seen in my life.

The only thing I *don't* like about NEXT is the split sizing. I got Brielle all size 2/3 and it's quite big---hopefully she'll grow before winter! I couldn't see buying the 18-24 month size for my kid who'll be turning 3 this winter haha.

We've had a few (full price) things from the mouse line and I had to snatch up a few more at 50% off. Dying of cuteness. I got two mouse sweatshirts and one pair of mouse jeans to wear them with :-)

These jeans are tightened in the waist all the way lol...Gotta fatten her up for winter...and have her grow a few inches ;-)
Then this outfit is for *next* summer, but I tried it on her anyways....the pants are supposed to be capris ;-)
The capris have an adorable embroidered giraffe on them...this will be a great zoo outfit next year :-) I also got one other top to go with these.
These actually fit pretty well b/c the straps are adjustable...

We will wear this fall with tights and boots! Hard to see all the details but it has a big embroidered mouse
And then I got one thing for Raya for *next* summer....I thought this would be gorgeous for pictures next spring/summer....she looks like a flower child :-)

To end this misc. post, Terri wanted me to take a few pics of Bryn yesterday are some of my favs!

This is standing behind our house, looking North. I need to take some pics of the girls this way---pretty!

Gearing up for a big jump lol

My best jumper ever :-)


  1. Looks like the girls had fun. Those NEXT outfits are adorable!!

  2. Love the field of corn as the backdrop for the girls. Makes my heart ache for home.

  3. I love their patriotic outfits and the photoshoot you did is gorgeous!

  4. The girls look like they are having sooooo much fun!!! I love all the pics, but my favorite is the one where Bryn is spraying the spider and Raya is standing behind Brielle, soooo Raya!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my word they are so cute in red white and blue. Where is that long blue dress with while ricrac or lace from? It's adorable! You have the sweetest shots of your girls here!

    1. Thanks! That blue dress is from it for $10 during their $12.99 sale with a coupon! :-)

  6. Oh my goodness... I can see why you would want to just save all your money for that brand! They are to die for! Those clothes... wow! Love them!


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