Monday, July 1, 2013

Blogger blind date!

Yes, I met Amy from Mrs. Mommy this weekend! And thankfully she sent me some pics she took so I have something to blog tonight haha (I was bad and didn't have my camera---waterparks and jumpy houses are too scary places to take my nice camera now, especially since I have scheduled clients to worry about should my camera get ruined!)

So since I met Mrs. Mommy I thought I'd share some dirt on her and her family hehe

First, her little guy Kase is even more happy and adorable in person than he appears online. Seriously, I was talking to him and he held out his arms for me to hold him and then he was hugging me and being all sorts of cute. I probably would have snuck him home with me except he's a big boy, and pretty hard to stick in my purse :-P

There was no mistaking Kyla when we arrived, with her super cute red pigtail braids! She's hilarious, and her little diva looks were too funny. She actually "played" pretty well with my girls, following them around the different jumpy houses and at the pool. As much as toddlers can be bffs and play together.

Amy's husband Tyler was a great sport, and Lee and him seemed to have plenty to talk about. I don't think Tyler was overly impressed with Amy and I dressing the girls in matching outfits the whole time, but we were just as surprised when they showed up wearing the same thing! hehe ;-)

And Amy was awesome of course. Sadly we couldn't chat as much as I would have liked (I was being drug down waterslides 24/7) but I had so much fun anyways and hope we can do it again sometime!

Here are a few pics, courtesy of Amy:

We tried to get a picture before we left the jumpy place. At this point Raya has her skirt up around her waist (very lady like), Kyla is PO'd that we're leaving, and Brielle is upset that a strange girls is crying next to her haha. BUT, the most important thing is we documented them in their matching outfits, right?! ;-)

After the jumpy place we all went to eat at Culvers...yum! Then we headed to the waterpark....

I had to climb up this giant tower thing over and over and over again, to access Raya's favorite slides. Amy was lucky and got to hang out much of the time down below with Kase. Let is be known that the only swimsuit pictures I will ever take will be ones where I'm hidden behind a giant wall :-P

Speaking of slides, both girls loved the slides here---however the more adult slide, which you rode through a pitch black tunnel while on a inner tube, did not go over that well with Raya, but Brielle LOVED it. She went down multiple times with lee haha. Even I thought it was kinda scary, so it was hilarious to me that Brielle loved it.

Tyler and Kyla joined us!

They weren't too excited about posing for pics at the pool, but we tricked them into some photos anyways ---my girls were pretending to be sharks and get Kyla!

what a coincidence....matching suits too? ;-)

How cute are their little matching butts?!
Later in the afternoon Amy and family headed back home, but we had a certificate to stay at the hotel so we laid the girls down for late naps and then we went for a walk along the Mississippi river---so pretty! There was a Tony Roma's (I had never eaten there) right along the river so we had supper and sat on their outdoor patio....we watched barges and riverboats while we ate a really yummy supper!

Then we headed back to the waterpark around 8pm and swam until about 9:30---the girls would have stayed all night but Lee and I were exhausted!

Back at the hotel rom before bed Raya threw a little fit about sharing a bed...she wanted one bed all to herself. We explained that no, I was sleeping with her and Lee was sleeping with Brielle. She continued to whine while I went to go change and then I heard Lee say "mama, you'll be so excited when you see the spot Raya has prepared for you!"

....I come out to see Raya all smiles, telling me that she would share her bed with me, but I had a specific spot to sleep in

See that tiny spot, in between Baby Bop and the giant owl pillow? That my friends was the spot she allowed me to sleep in. :-P

Lee had it only slightly better sleeping with Brielle---she's also quite a bed hog!

And here were the girls getting ready to leave the next morning---see the slide going out of the building? That was the scary one that Brielle loved lol

So definitely a fun weekend---thanks for meeting up with us Amy and family!!!!


  1. Mom meetups are so much fun! Glad you had a good time!

  2. How awesome! I love that you guys were able to meet! Was it seriously a coincidence with the matching outfit and suits?!? If so... *crazy*!

    Love the spot Raya prepared for you in bed, haha!

    1., the matching outfits were well planned out ;-)

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun!! =)

  4. So fun! Jealous you all got to meet up!

  5. How fun. Looks like the girls had a blast together

  6. how fun!! I love meeting up w. fellow bloggers!!!

  7. How fun! I always love meeting other bloggers!

  8. It's so much fun when we can meet up with a blogging buddies!
    Love the matching outfits. :)


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