Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blogger Break

I think I need a little blogger break, so I'm signing off for now and I'll be back on Monday! :-)

Before I leave you all for a few days I have a couple things to share. First, here is my facebook status tonight:

Driving home today Raya saw some baby cows and said "I think sometimes baby cows ride on their mama's back", being the good mom I am I decided to use this as a teaching opportunity....I said "no, actually cows don't ride on their mom's back, but baby monkeys do" which Raya responded "oh, I didn't know baby monkeys rode on mama cows' backs! That's cool!"

Why do I even bother?! :-P
Secondly, this weekend I'm dog sitting for my parents. The good news though is that while I'm dog sitting I won't be dealing with my own munchkins, because they are going to Grandpa and Grandma H's farm for the weekend! I can't wait for a weekend to myself.
Lastly today my good friend, and former coworker, drove down to see me and have me take her kids' pictures. I hadn't seen her youngest since she was just a little baby! They were all so are a couple favs  (click on the pictures to view them in higher quality)

View the entire album here


  1. I loved your facebook status! How funny!!! And i'm going to miss your blog posts!!!

  2. Raya is hilarious!
    Enjoy your hiatus!!

  3. Raya is so funny; I love that!

    Enjoy your break from blog world. I definitely am in a slump the past couple days and feel like I have nothing to share.

    Your photography business seems to be taking off like crazy; that's great!

  4. Very cute! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love all your pictures! Enjoy your blogging break


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