Friday, July 19, 2013

Here's my excuse

Ok, so I know I'm a boring blogger lol. I do apologize, but I don't set aside more than a few minutes each day to blog so actually thinking of a creative blog post to write, and then sitting down to write it, just isn't happening here.

And because this post needs some excuses to back it up, here is why I can't blog anything exciting for you:

1) It's hot out. Like really hot. So hot that just looking outside makes me hot. I've been spending my days eating icecream and lounging in the air conditioning. It's theoretically too hot to blog as well.

2) Tonight we went out to dinner. And to icecream. Yum! No time for blogging.

3) I am still editing photos from my senior session last night. And tomorrow I have a brother/sister duo to photograph. And Sunday I have my first maternity session. And Monday I have a family session, including a 2 week old baby. So yeah, my evening are spent editing---not blogging!

4) Tomorrow we are going to the fair. I plan to eat a funnel cake. Not blog.

5) I have two Etsy orders left to finish up. I should be downstairs sewing, but instead I'm blogging!

6) This week my mom and I are taking all the grandkids to Adentureland (think smaller scale 6 Flags). Super excited. Won't be much time left for blogging.

7) My kids think I should feed them, and care for them. They also think that they should get all the toys in the house *out* and that I should pick up after them. This doesn't leave much time for blogging either!

So there you have my top 7 excuses for why this blog post bored you to death. I apologize.

Here's a peace offering....for today's "what they wore", here are the girls being really goofy in their Naartjie.

And since this blog also tends to double as a children's fashion blog, here is a little sneak peek of what I plan to blog for the next Trendy Tot Tuesday---Matilda Jane! Yes, Matilda Jane---if you've heard of it---is that "really expensive brand" that is really confusing to buy (you buy from trunkkeepers, etc.) ANYWAYS, I'm learning the ropes of how to shop this brand and discovered recently that they actually do have sales occasionally---and so I placed my first ever real order. And you guys, I'm hooked lol. It's all so adorable! And with the sale all the dresses I got were $20ish dollars---resale on them is *at least* $30, so as I'm discovering it's really a brand that you "invest" in, but you rarely actually spend money on's like the only brand I know of where it maintains it's value even used. (It's really an interesting phenomena if you get into it. It's like a weird secret society haha)

Moving on, here are the girls modeling their new Emilia dresses (all Matilda Jane items have specific names ---for the sale I got two Emilias (Brielle's is the "berry" and I think Raya's was called "harbor gray") ....and then I also got Brielle a Luna dress (with duchess ruffles) and Raya a Peaches and Cream dress. (Anyone who shops Matilda Jane will know what I'm talking about lol).

The girls were moody today and would only model the Emilias....They loved them actually---super soft spandex-y knit material. Raya is wearing a size 6 and Brielle is in size 2.

Normally I would have done the colors opposite, with Brielle in the blue, but for the sale these were the only sizes/colors they had left.

Too cute!  Now do I have any MJ fans out there who know how to "winterize" this dress? I'd love to track down shirts and leggings to wear under for cooler weather...I think maybe I saw the Scrappy leggings paired with Raya's before?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Adventureland!! Countless summer days were spent there when I was growing up. I love that place. For some ridiculous reason the Silly Silo is still my favorite ride. :)

  2. I hope you will share your MJ knowledge!?! I love them!

  3. I love reading your updates, so keep 'em coming whenever you can squeeze them in. :)

  4. Matilda Jane has sales? I have been wanting to get Autumn her first dress from there for her school pictures... just because all of the MJ dresses on Trendy Tot are so adorable. And, it sounds like your photography business is really taking off! That's awesome!

  5. Busy, busy! We've been having issues with our air conditioning.. so I've been spending a lot of time in coffee shops doing homework! Sounds like we're supposed to get some reprieve this week, so fingers crossed!

    Congrats on all the photography sessions! How awesome!

  6. Seriously, they are too cute for words!!!

    I know the feeling of not blogging, it happens, life happens and this just seems to go by the way side! Totally understand :)


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