Thursday, July 18, 2013

My cousin's senior session (and a little Raya and Brielle ;-)

First off, my 1st cousin's daughter---would that be my 2nd cousin or just my cousin or how does that work? lol. ANYWAYS, my first cousin's daughter will be a senior this fall and tonight I took her senior pictures! I loooove seniors, they are so cooperative compared to my usual munchkins ;-)

The only hard part of this session? Battling the insane heat! ...but while I was sweating like a pig Amanda didn't even break a sweat---so easy to photograph, it will take me days to narrow down the 900+ photos I took. Here are just a few favs that I edited tonight!

(as always, click on the photo to enlarge it and see better quality)

Finally had someone tall enough to pull off this awesome doorway---a real favorite!

Her grandpa made this frame, what a fun prop to bring!

She wanted to challenge the current leader in my jumping contest---I think she's the new winner!

And lastly, a couple quick pics for "what they wore today" ....Raya in Children's Place and Brielle in Carters (a 24 month romper, love my little tiny peanut! ;-)  ...they spent the day at Grandma's today.

I think I'll start bringing Brielle along on my photoshoots---she could teach everyone how to do some sassy poses! ;-)


  1. The senior pics are amazing! You are doing sooo good!!

    And as always, Raya & Brielles pics are way too cute! I love their outfits =)

  2. You are seriously doing amazing! Is it starting to get busy? Have you thought about if you will be able to keep up with both this and your shop?

    I love the doorway shot; she is a tall, beautiful girl. The one of her jumping is super cute too. :)

    And your girls look adorable, as always. :)

    1. I'm staying busy still with everyone who booked with me during the into special I was running. Only 1 session at my new full price, but I'm getting lots of positive feedback from people so that's good! I have another session Saturday and one on Monday.

      I'm keeping my Etsy shop closed until fall, except for orders through my fb page. Then once it gets cold and I stop doing all the photos I'll start doing the Etsy shop again :-)

  3. You've been doing a great job with all your sessions. What great practice. Loving Brielle's pose, so cute!

  4. I love the first one. I love the arch of the door and the purple dress!!! Maybe my favorite!

  5. Great shots of your second cousin! The pic of her jumping is AWESOME!
    Seriously, Brielle is in 24 months clothes?! We're transitioning to 2T - and he's not even 16 months!

  6. The pictures are all great! I can't believe Brielle still fits into that romper. I tried a 2T blue romper on Kyla from Old Navy and it's way too small :(


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