Wednesday, July 17, 2013

That's we she said!

Playing catch up on a few things today. First, I always post funny things the girls say/do on facebook and then forget to post it here on my blog too....but I want to make sure I remember some of these things so here are some status updates that I don't think I've blogged yet (sorry if you are a fb friend and already saw these!)

I just heard what sounded like a heard of elephants in my living room...come to find Raya "leaping" and crashing into the floor. Really sweetly she looks at me and says "look mom, I can pirouette!" ....she's such a dainty ballerina lol

Pretty sure Raya will be a politician when she grows up---a shady one haha. She has a way of screwing Brielle over, but putting a spin on it that makes Brielle think she's just gotten a great deal. Today they were fighting and I told them to share....then I hear this exchange:

Raya: "Sissy, i'm going to take all these pretty magnets, but you can have this (ugly) green magnet instead! See, it's shiny and it sticks to love it don't you!?"

Brielle: "ooooh, shiny!"

Raya: "See Mama, sissy loves it, we're sharing!"

Tonight as I was tucking Raya into bed...

"Mama, I love you more than anything else...that means I love you more than my friends or any other Mamas."

I hope her other mamas don't find out that I'm the favorite

Confession---whenever the girls are eating food and they find something "weird" ---maybe a bruise on their fruit, a black mark on a potato chip, a burnt spot on the grilled cheese, etc.--- I tell them "oh, that's just the flavor!" and they eat it. Never mind that *I* would never dream of eating those things lol.

I think I figured out the way Brielle's potty training heart haha. She earns a Dora bandaid for staying dry, and if she has an accident I take that sucker off and throw it away! lol. She's so obsessed with those bandaids that to see one taken off and thrown away is pure tortures. So far she's earning the bandaids

(side note, the potty training continues to drive me crazy---this kid is so stubborn. You may remember she potty trained and was great for a couple weeks....then she got lazy and started telling me she wanted to be a baby. ugh. We've gone back and forth with her---we even did the bare butt method that I hate, and ended up with pee on our carpets to clean up---but since it's not a matter of learning how, but instead her just being lazy/stubborn, none of it works that great. We now are doing straight up punishment....she loses her beloved bandaids when she has an accident and can earn them back by going potty on her own like a big girl. So far works least she never poops her pants for me (a couple times she did for Daddy and Grandma)... I can handle pee pants better than poop pants haha.)


In other news, yesterday I gave the girls a choice between the Children's Museum and the pool----they chose the museum (don't blame them really, it was too HOT for the pool! haha)

After the museum we usually play at the mall play area (the museum is attached to the mall) and right next to the play area is Build-a-Bear. The girls have gone in to look around many times, but had never made one themselves. Slowly they started catching on that the other kids in there was getting their own bears and dressing them, etc...and Raya started asking if she could do one sometime. Finally yesterday on a whim I decided to surprise them and they were THRILLED. You should have seen Brielle closing her eyes and kissing the little heart to make a wish---it was so adorable lol. They "bathed" the bears and picked out princess clothes, they had a blast (and I won coolest mom award for the day for sure....although those freaking things are expensive! Ya know, there are many times now where we do something and I find myself very thankful to only have two kids....and yesterday was one of those days :-P Because Build-a-Bear is overpriced with one kid, expensive with two kids, and insane with 3 or more! haha)

Here the girls were with their bears when we got home

Making a huge mess in our living room---picnic time!

And now a little "what they wore" for Brielle is in Gymboree (bought used)  ---she's casting a spell on you! ;-)

And Raya is wearing a Gymboree top and Osh Kosh skirt---this Gymbo I found "used" but it was NWT---from a really old Gymboree line, called Coral Reef I believe. It's super cute and the mermaid tail is all covered in rhinestones.

I think that's about all I have for today---trying to decide if we should brave the heat today and head to the pool...or stay in the nice air conditioning ;-) Happy Hump Day!


  1. There little conversations are too funny!! She jsut might be a great politician. Ava would totally fall for the "sparkly" line too ;)

  2. I love the mermaid shirt. With all my heart!

  3. Oooohhh, I love that tutu cute outfit, just adorable! I take my kids to Build a Bear once a year usually, they just love it. Nathan made a Kermit the Frog and dressed him as Darth Vader once and the last time we went Autumn found Sparkle Toe shoes for her bunny!

  4. Kids say some of the funniest things.
    Their outfits are cute.
    I agree the build a bears are expensive but so cute

  5. The girls are always dressed adorable! I agree build-a-bear is pricey. This past year a friend of mine said she wanted to take then there for their birthdays. I told her she didn't have to because that was a pricey choice. But she wanted to. Cam has been there, however Sam hadn't. She LOVES the puppy she made! Glad the girls loved it.

  6. I'm just dreading potty training!
    Raya certainly does have a knack for "compromising." HAHA!!

  7. I wish I could have seen Brielle kissing her bears heart and making a wish!!! Who ever came up with this idea was very smart, they know how to get to little kids (and their parents)love,
    Grama F

  8. Kids definately say the darndest things! =)


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