Monday, July 29, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday--- Modeling DIVA!

Linking up again with Kelly, Megan, and Lindsay for Trendy Tot Tuesday! They look to be doing a giveaway this week where you can be entered to win a $20 gift card to Target for linking up, so ya'll should link up!

This week our attire isn't anything too fancy, but the "modeling" moves killed me today, so I had to share LOL

Brielle is wearing Gap embroidered jeans (I am OBSESSED as I've mentioned before. Since Raya hates jeans, and can't fit into them very well anyways, I pretty much fulfill my embroidered jean obsession with Brielle. You should see the collection I've acquired for fall and winter ;-)

With the Gap jeans she's wearing a lace front shirt from JC Penny. You guys, JC Penny actually has some really adorable kid's clothing! You should check it out.

Headband is The Children's Place. We are still on a headband kick here.

Enjoy this fashion show! Brielle started off mad (she is mad for no reason 50% of the time haha....such a stinker!)

Notice how she purses her lips into that pout---it's her signature move :-P

Love how she strikes a pose, while still pouting (about nothingness)

Trying to keep the pout going, but smiles are coming to the surface! modeling diva is back in the game! :-)

Of course we can't forget Miss Raya either---she's wearing Naartjie, which we love around here. They have some really cute stuff out right now that you should check out :-)

I simply can't decide which girl is more divalicious! :-)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. So dang cute! Brielle has some serious sass going on! And I love Raya's pink outfit! :o)

  2. Look at Brielle's sass!! haha. Too cute!! And I love Raya's outfit!

  3. I just love that first pose of Rayas!!! I also love how each pic of Brielle she looses a little of the pout until she is laughing!!!!
    Grama F

  4. The pout look works for her! I avoided Naartjie this past week. I'm going to be there again, who knows if I can be strong again! My checking account won't allow it! LOL

  5. I LOVE all their poses, they look like pros already, you are in trouble Mama!

  6. Breanna gets mad for no reason lately too lol silly girls

    love their outfits as usual!!!

  7. Girls, such little stinkers!

    They both look adorable!

  8. Well... I definitely have the adult version of Brielle's shirt. Seriously, same color and design. (Looks much cuter on a toddler!) Way to rock those outfits, as always, girls!

  9. Stop iiiiiiiit!! They are SO CUTE! Seriously, I hope my Mia is full of diva when she is old enough for this :)
    I miss doing this link up! I'm totally going to play next week!

  10. So glad I found you through the link-up! Your girls seriously crack me up and the look of your blog is so fun & it!

  11. I love those jeans, I have been buying more clothes for Nathan from The Gap (he has to wear a uniform at school), but I still like to get him and Autumn who doesn't wear uniform nice jeans. I usually shop Old Navy or Crazy8, but its nice to spend a little extra for a nicer pair! I still need to check out Naartjie!


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