Monday, July 8, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday (On monday :-)

Our friends left yesterday afternoon and after 4 days of playing with their friend Bryn my girls don't really know what to do today by themselves! We had a great time though, as my previous post alluded ;-)

Unfortunately I've been sick with a cold since before the 4th, and I've lost my voice for the most part, so that hasn't been the greatest. I'm also staying busy with Etsy orders (even though my shop is closed I keep getting messages from people who want me to sneak in orders) plus I've been doing some selling of last years stuff since the selling season for fall/winter is really booming in July haha. Lastly I have photo sessions scheduled for tonight as well as Wednesday, so I'm going to busy editing photos the next few days!

For all those reasons I'm doing Trendy Tot Tuesday and linking up with Megan, Kelly, Lindsay a day early.

Most of you saw my earlier post about the sale NEXT was having, and then our fashion show of stuff I got. I just LOVE that brand! For those of you who are curious, I have only been shopping NEXT for about one year and they've never had a sale until the one last week. I was told from someone who's been shopping there for 4 years that they'd never had a sale either (for the U.S. site) basically what I'm saying is that the prices are kinda high, but if you love something you just have to buy it. They don't put things on sale so you can buy it when it first comes out, or 3 months later, and it'll be the same price. (Some new stuff on their site though says "out of stock" but it's just because they haven't uploaded it to the site yet---they are just switching over to fall/winter). In general the resale of NEXT is about 60-70% so if you resell the stuff when you are done you can expect to get about 60-70% back in my experience.

And now, as promised, my growing list of must-haves from the new lines---need to start saving my photography money! :-)

This dress/suspender/tight set *will* be mine for Brielle :-)

Don't think I'll get this, but I do love the shirt and little shorts with tights

I love the whole outfit, including boots, on the left for Brielle. The boots are too expensive for me though :-(

I really want the hoodie for Brielle too  :-)

Love the navy one piece for Brielle

Gotta get the shirt/tight sets wear with jean skirts or shorts. Maybe one for each girl? :-)

We already have the mouse overalls similar to this, but I love this one too.

Love the outfit 2nd from left.

I'd put Raya in both of these hehe

Wish these were cheaper---I'd get them for my niece Harper....her and Emily love cats

Love the sweater dress on the right for older girls (starts at size 3 so Raya could wear it too)

How cute is that cardigan!?

They have the best sleep sets

Someone with a baby girl needs this

And this.

Love all these for little boys :-)

If I had a boy he'd wear both these

Lee would hate this, but I think it's cute for some of you boy moms
TONS more adorable-ness on the website---go check it out! :-)  (But you better not buy the stuff I want before I have a chance to get it haha)

And lastly, Crazy 8 has THE BEST end of year sales by far. Every year I buy ahead at their sale for the next year. I got all of this and the most *expensive* piece was $3 after coupon....yeah, entire dresses, jean skirts, etc. for only $2 and change! It's kind of annoying to dig and try to find outfits since it's all picked over, but well worth it when you do b/c it's all so cheap.

These are for Raya when preschool starts so she has some new clothes that can be destroyed there :-P

This is all for Brielle for next year. All the shirts/etc. are actually embroidered designs, not screen print.

For Brielle next fall...and then the red skirt is for Raya this winter to go with various holiday shirts.

For Brielle next summer.

So happy Trendy Tot Tuesday on Monday---hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July weekend!!!

***If you know about any other awesome sales going on right now for end of season be sure to comment and share your knowledge hehe***


  1. I sooo need to start buying for the baby! And Emma too of course! Love all the next clothes =)

  2. OH MY GOSH, all the NEXT clothes are so adorable!! I need to sell some of Kendall's clothes cause I think the girls needs some of those outfits!

  3. I'm SO glad you told us about the NEXT sale because I flew over there and got a CRAZY amount of cute things for less than $100!! Three pairs of jeans, two dress shirts, a vest, a tie, a sweater and shoes for Trace. And two beautiful dresses for the girls. They all arrived today and I LOVE them. I kind of wish I would've spent more! Thanks again! And if you ever see them having a sale again, let me know!! :)

    1. Yay, I'm glad you ordered!!!!! They have the cutest little man stuff :-)

  4. I love that suspender dress outfit from NEXT. I love Crazy8, they are so cheap yet the clothes can be really adorable!

  5. Cute boy clothes DO exist!
    Now that you've found all this cute stuff could you also explain to the hubs that Marcus NEEDS these items in his closet? :)

  6. Those sleep sets are to die for! They just make me wanna cuddle something! Haha

  7. Oh my gosh, I love that website! The gray stuff, the denim, that little teal newborn outfit... love it all!

    We were just at Crazy 8's this past weekend too and got some great stuff! I'm saving that for next week!

    Hope you had a great visit and holiday weekend.

  8. Ha! "so she has some new clothes that can be destroyed there". Ugh... tis the life of daycare and schools right? I feel like we almost need two totally separate wardrobes! :)


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