Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday---Tea Collection

Linking up with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay for another Trendy Tot Tuesday!

So I have talked a lot recently about NEXT clothing, but I actually have two obsessions for this upcoming fall/winter...my other is Tea Collection.

Oh my, I just love Tea dresses. I had a few used ones from ebay for Brielle last year, but I've only ever purchased one dress new. I had kind of forgotten about the brand for this summer and I've now rediscovered my love again!

And unlike NEXT which doesn't have sales (except for that once in a lifetime one awhile back) Tea Collection *does* have sales. They recently had a sale that was for an additional 40% off already reduced prices. I got dresses for $13-15 which is amazing for Tea (They start around $30 retail).

Another plus of Tea? The resale is pretty great right now. On facebook I sold all of our outgrown Tea in about one hour. Even dresses that have been worn a lot will resell for $15-20.

So anyways, here are a couple recent Tea purchases I made (I ordered a little big so the girls can wear these in the spring too. Tea is great b/c you can wear them a little long, or a little short with their matching leggings...so usually 2 years of wear if you want!). Brielle is currently a size 2 in Tea, but she can pull off size 3 for the most part too. Raya is size 5 in Tea. In general I find Tea to run true to size, except their "banded" dresses (with like a thicker band at the empire waist) tend to run a size small.

On to the fashion show!
I adore this cut and print...it's a 3 so plenty long...we have matching blue leggings to wear with it next year when it's a little shorter

This is the only set they still had in Raya's size during the big sale---I wasn't sure about the print online but I love it in person...the leggings are two-toned red stripes which are super cute...hard to see the stripes in the pic

Raya put it on and said "oooo, it's so soft!" The quality of Tea dresses is really great in my experience

Checking out the twirl factor!

This is another Tea dress from a couple days ago---Brielle was helping me clean hehe. This one is a size 2....these twirl dresses are pretty generous in size. I really love this print too!
  She picked the boots herself! lol

So go check out the Tea website if you've never looked before! Here are a few new arrivals that I'm loving:

Can you tell I love those blue leggings? haha

They also have different tees and stuff that are cute

Another fun thing? They offer wardrobe sets so you can get a little week's mix and match wardrobe with just one purchase
 This is one wardrobe set they offer right now

They have adorable baby clothes! I love these

I have the dress version of this one for Brielle next year

I can't wait to see the long sleeve dresses they put out this year!


  1. These are so cute!! I forget how cute their dress and legging sets are and your girls are so cute in them. LOVE the boots she picked ;)

  2. I need to go check out their clothes for the girls. They have really cute stuff. The girls look adorable & I love Brielle's little pose in the first pic

  3. I love the colors in the Tea clothes! I love how you try all of these different stores, I need to venture out from Gymboree, Crazy 8 and ON!

  4. I've seen these Tea outfits before and LOVE them!! But haven't paid the high $$ yet. I figure once my little miss is walking- we will get our moneys worth- everyone can fully see it!Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Those dresses are all adorable! I need to check out that collection!!

  6. Per the usual, I love it all. And, as always, I'm.so.jealous. :)

  7. Super cute... as always. =)

  8. I'm soooo going to have to check out the baby clothes =)


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