Thursday, August 1, 2013

Amusement park and zoo pics!

Oops...sort of forgot that I hadn't posted these pics from last week yet! Here are (crappy) pics from our trip to Adventureland and the zoo (I didn't bring my nice camera, so I apologize---but we definitely need to document our fun on the blog!)

Excited to be headed to the amusement park!

Waiting in line at the carousel

Waiting with Grandma!

Attempt at a self portrait while spinning in circles :-)

How cute is this boat full of cousins?!

Ferris Wheel!

One of her new signature smiles

They all LOVED the teacups! I could only take 3 at a time though, so I had to take them in shifts

See Brielle in the background? She was crying b/c it wasn't her turn :-P

Harper was restating all the rules for Brielle, about keeping hands inside the ride etc. lol

On the way home---exhausted!

And then the next day we went to the zoo!

Raya was mad I was taking too long to snap a pic lol

Harper was in a "mood" for the first half of this trip....spent much of her time in the wagon pouting about something lol

These next pictures are the funniest thing I've ever seen. So you could pay $2 for a cup of nectar and feed the bird. For some reason we just imagined holding the cup and having one bird at a time carefully drink from it...*maybe* one land on our arm or something.

Well my mom tells the kids "let me hold the nectar until we get in there so that you guys don't spill it" .....and within 2 seconds of walking in my mom is covered in birds, has spilled the nectar, I have birds on my shoulder, Brielle has one land on her head, Sawyer has them on his shoulder, and my mom and I are laughing uncontrollably and all the kids (except Brielle) are SCREAMING and BAWLING.

The funniest part was when the zoo worked said "now you need to be really quiet so we don't scare the birds"  HAHAHA....check out Sawyer and Harper's faces in these pics and you can imagine how "quiet" we were :-P

Brielle was a little unsure, but never once cried daredevil!

This is when Sawyer LOST IT haha. He told us later "I thought someone just put their hand on my shoulder, but then I saw feet!"

We just couldn't stop laughing!

Sawyer recovered quickly though and enjoyed "reading" the map to us.

We were able to bring food in, so we had our own picnic lunch

So they were all dirty from the zoo and eating---*but* I've been meaning to document Brielle freckle haha. See the "crumb" on the left there, under the corner of her mouth? It's a freckle! haha. I have tons of freckles and always tell the girls it means that I'm the most beautiful, so when Brielle got her freckle Raya exclaimed "Mama, Brielle is becoming beautiful too just like you! But she's not really really beautiful like you because she only has one"

That's right Raya :-P

Sawyer is definitely beautiful though haha...look at those freckles!

Recently Raya searched and searched and found one lonely freckle on her arm....she certainly can't let Brielle be more beautiful then her lol

Harper was still in a mood, and in the wagon haha

Pretending to be animals on the rocks

Grandma let them all pick out a stuffed animal. Sawyer was cracking me up---he picked some sort of leopard thing. Well he nuzzled and kissed it for awhile and then said my animal has a confused look on his face---it's because he's never had love before and he doesn't know what love is  ....HAHAHAHAHA   Then after my mom asked him what his animal ate he said that it didn't eat other animals....he was nice and only ate other animals if they were already dead.

On the way home!


  1. despite not having your good camera, these pictures are great!!!

    I love the bird ones.

    Sounds like perfect days :)

  2. Looks like y'all had a blast! Love all the pictures :)

  3. Adventureland is so fun, huh?! It would have been better if we met you there though! :)

    Which zoo is that? In Iowa? We might have to check it out!

  4. I have a friend that was just in town from Iowa and she was hitting Adventureland on her way back home with her kids. Never been there, looks fun! Love the boat full of cousins pic!

  5. Oh my gosh, what a fun-filled couple of days you had!
    Adventureland is always a blast. :)
    Those pictures with the Lorikeets are HILARIOUS! HAHAHAHA!!!

  6. Looks like the amusement park was fun.
    LOL love those bird pictures!

  7. It never ceases to make me laugh when I remember the birds!!!!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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