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Back to School clothes--Trendy Tot Tuesday

(yes, it's Monday, but the girls are at Sawyer and Harper's house today so I had a few minutes to post Trendy Tot Tuesday ;-)

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This year Raya goes to preschool 5 days a week! So clearly the girl needs plenty of clothing (to be ruined by dry erase markers and the playground I'm sure ;-) This past weekend was Tax Free in our state for clothes and shoes so on Friday I took Raya back-to-school shopping while my mom watched Brielle. She actually did really well (with a couple bribes) and shopped most of the day and tried on a bunch of stuff! I pretty much OK'd every purchase with her and made sure she liked it and would wear it.  Of course some of my favorite stores (NEXT, Naartjie, etc.) are not local, so I had to do some online school shopping as well---Raya actually loves picking things out online so she helped :-)

I decided I wasn't going to do a fashion show of all her school stuff (so that she can rock some daily preschool fashion shows hehe) but for anyone else curious what back-to-school clothes look like around here these are our choices! (Sorry, this is an epic post with lots of pics)

First, here was Raya (and Brielle) ready to go shopping Friday morning!

My mom took Brielle shopping too---mom said they couldn't go anywhere without people commenting on how beautiful Brielle was----I can't imagine why ;-)

Raya was who-whooing with her owl purse. Doesn't she have the sweetest little face?! I have no idea how I managed to get the two cutest girls on the face of the Earth (not that *every* parent thinks that or anything lol ;-)
And now for our purchases (we had the best luck at Kohls---sales + coupon+ earning Kohls kash.....but my favorite purchases were from Gymboree I think---I will be buying a couple more items when/if things get really cheap....I wasn't super thrilled with Crazy 8 or Old Navy because I've had many fading issues with them in the past and this season their items look like they'll do the same :-(  *but* we still tried a couple things. Wasn't thrilled with Target either, b/c Raya is sort of in-between sizes in the big girl section there now.)

Got this hoodie at Kohls--Sonoma brand I believe. Super soft and seems nicely made. Raya looks adorable in it with the hood up and the little ears! She also loves horses and the horse silhouettes reminded us of her new backpack (the backpack is Garnett Hill and has her name embroidered on the front.)

I love this line out at Gymboree. I wasn't so sure when I saw in online, but in person it's soooo cute and I love the colors! The jean and sweater outfit is the cutest thing ever on Raya. She isn't sold on the jeans but I could tell her complaints about the jeans were half hearted---they fit her well and aren't at all tight, so hoping she will wear them. The dress is too die for cute on! It's made of like a sweatshirt material so it's really soft...and the pink on the leggings matches the necklace and hairbow we got. This outfit was my mom's favorite when Raya modeling for her :-)

These tops are from Crazy 8 and I thought we could wear them with the Gymboree jeans above.

The navy tunic is Carters, and we have hot pink jeggings to match the bow's like a sweatshirt material and I'm hoping it won't fade badly....seems pretty decent. The "smile" sweatshirt is from Kohls and just seemed really cute with jeggings or something.

These were from Old Navy. The dress on right is one of their cheap $10 knit dresses they always put out. We had a couple last year and they all faded horribly (and you know we don't wear things enough around here to where there should be significant fade lol) so this year I stuck with the white one hoping you won't notice fade issues.

The "in" thing this year seems to be the patterned chambray dresses---we saw them EVERYWHERE! This one received Raya's comfort seal of approval so it's the one we got. Thinking we can layer it with leggings and boots for fall.

The tunic on the left (from JC Penny) has white heart on it---this is really cute on Raya and we plan to do jeggings and brown boots or something. The shirt on the right was Raya's pick---from Younkers---she's convinced it's a unicorn (it's not---just a blinged out horse lol) and after I bought it for her she said, "I'm the luckiest girl EVER!"  (awwwww)

This tulle skirt is Jumping Beans brand from Kohls. We got a few different shirts to wear with it (or with jeggings, etc.) The hot air balloon top is Carters, the other two are Old Navy. The only thing all day that I bought when Raya said 100% no was the fox top---she said foxes were for boys lol...but it's soooooooooo cute and the little glasses match the skirt! I told her she'd get over it and wear it ;-P

This is what we got at Target---the purple chambray shirt has hearts on it and you can roll the sleeves, tie the waist etc...Raya looked pretty darn cute in it haha. The blazer is like a knit/sweatshirt material...with jeggings and black boots this will be so cute. I'd wear it ;-)

This is what we have for Matilda Jane for fall. I'm sort of like the bump and dent person of used matilda jane haha...I look for the cheap items with defects and then fix them. The apple dress had the purple ruffle falling off so I bought it, sewed it back on, and it's good as new! The dress on right is too big for Brielle this year so I discovered it fits Raya like a tunic...maybe with jeggings or something. It had a rip at the bottom that I sewed up.

These I scored used online (if you aren't shopping used online yet people you are crazy! ;-)

The dress on the left is H&M and and dress on the right is NEXT (the NEXT one was new with tags and I got it for practically nothing!)

Gymboree raincoat I got used---she outgrew her vegetable one from last year

The vest on left is Gap, from ebay. It matches the Gap sweater that Brielle wore to the pumpkin patch last year, and it still fits her Brielle so they can match again this year :-)

The denim vest is Pumpkin Patch brand, and I got it new with tags for $2 on Thredup....heard of thredup? It's like a online used consignment store. You have to dig and the website is set up poorly, but you can score some great deals! We plan to wear this layered over dresses, etc.

This was our Naartjie order for fall. Raya loves the deer and skirt! The dress has deer on the middle and purple are her favorite colors, so that's what we went with.

These were buy ahead items from Gymboree on super clearance last year. Dress on left, tunic on right.

Another Gymboree buy ahead

Gap dresses I bought used on facebook---super cute and great deal! Matching tights.
And now our NEXT order! I was *planning* to be good and wait to order from here, but then I started to worry my favs for Raya would sell out (she wears the biggest size in the little girl section, and that tends to sell out first) I place a small order for my 4 must haves and I will order for Brielle later.

I loooove this hooded vest. It's the softest thing I've ever felt! It zips and has toggle closure...the hood with ears is so cute, and I'm taking full advantage of getting some "cute" on Raya before she gets to old and refuses. The top is from a different outfit, but a great match!

Here is the top with the overalls it belongs too. We will wear this with tights and boots. Love it! The little dog the girl is walking has sequins all over it and the details are awesome all over.

The dress is a super soft hooded dress---Raya's favorite. I love the elbow pads!

Back view of the overall outfit---and also this sequin star shirt---very blingy and will be cute with jeggings and black boots.

Now *shoes* are a nightmare with Raya...she's sooooo picky! We found one pair of black boots at Target that we bought. Other than that we are still on the hunt for shoes haha.

Although I did buy her (and Brielle) these Twinkle Toes a few weeks ago ....she's saving them for school.
Girls Twinkle Toes: Shuffles - Sweet Steps Twinkle Toes

So there you have it! I will of course be buying some holiday stuff as the time comes, and then some fill in outfits if I discover we need something else, but this is the main chunk of her school wardrobe. Next week I'll try to do a post about Brielle's fall wardrobe :-)


  1. she got a lot of super cute school clothes. I took Kaylee and got her a few things but I think we'll be doing the rest of her school stuff for Christmas.

  2. PS I love that you can now buy clothes online from H&M

    1. I know, that was exciting! I am hoping they get more stuff online soon---they don't seem to have a ton online yet, but at least it's something!

  3. I buy ahead too but still have a few things to get my kids. CUTE clothes. The girls will look fabulous in all of it.

  4. So many cute things! Lucky girl :)

    I love shopping for my baby girl because there is so much out there my wallet/husband doesn't always like it but I shop clearance and sale as much as possible when I buy. Thank goodness designers are branching out with cute boy things now too.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love everything you pictured here and I'm so glad you posted gymboree stuff because I've been needing to get there and now you motivated me! Love the Kohls and Carters finds too!

  6. Autumn has gone through like 4 pairs of twinkle toes! I love the links hoodie and gumbo outfits!

  7. can I just shop at your house for Breanna lol I love everything

  8. She is going to be the most stylish little girl in her preschool! I LOVE IT ALL! I kept thinking, oooooh I need to remember to comment about this one, this one, definitely this one... you get the picture :) Cutest clothes ever!
    I wish my state did a tax free day!

  9. How fun! My 6 year old has one of those hoodies from Kohl's and loves it! She has a few of those tutus as well, and they match so many things!
    Clothing and shoes are always tax-free in PA. I'm happy about that...otherwise, I'd be poor!

  10. Ohh I love everything! My mother in law took Emma school shopping on Sunday. We found most of our really good deals at Kohls & JcPenny. I plan to do much more shopping for her though =)

  11. Holy cow, so many cute clothes!!!!!
    In LOVE with that black and white blazer! I'd wear it, too. :)

  12. Oh my goodness, you got some deals, and I love that they had so much fun shopping! Their little purses are adorable, and I love that line from Gymboree too! Looks like two stylin' girls are ready for school!

  13. You found some great clothes! Your girls are going to be the most trendy littles on the block! :-)

  14. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Follow this link to find out more!

  15. Wow that is one awesome haul! loving the chambray dress!


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