Monday, August 12, 2013

Brielle's wardrobe---Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up for another Trendy Tot Tuesday with Lindsay, Kelly, and Megan!

Last week I shared with you all *Raya's* back to (pre)school wardrobe, and promised that this week I'd do Brielle' here it is, Brielle's back to school staying home with mom wardrobe! :-)

I'll be the first to admit that Brielle has way too many clothes for fall/winter. Raya has what I consider to be a *reasonable* amount of clothing (by my own crazy standards lol) ...but with hand me downs and the plentiful used items in size 2t/3t Miss Brielle has ended up with a lot. I have already given Harper some to weed things out and will probably sell a few more non-favorites--we'll see. is a sampling of my favorites that are tucked away for Miss Brielle. Enjoy! (or be bored out of your mind....depending on how you feel about my Trendy Tot posts haha)

A couple Matilda Jane things....on left is the Amelia Blue top and duchess ruffles, on right is the Sally lap dress (this is soooo cute on Brielle! Plan to wear with tights and brown boots this fall). I bought all of this used.

Used Gap set, Copper Mountain line. LOVE this! Definitely planning some fall photos in this

One of my favorite this used too. Gap jeans--love the rainbow and black/white color scheme!

These jeans we had last year but I'm hoping they will fit this fall still, because I found the matching top :-)

Imagine my surprise when I found these two Tea Collection dresses at the consignment store last month...cute!

Both bought used---Gymboree for both.

Gymboree from Merry and Bright line. I also bought this set on a "used" board online, although it was new with tags.

These are Mini Boden and I actually bought them new last year b/c I loved them so much! But they are size 2/3 and definitely fit like a generous 3, so we're still waiting to grow into them haha. The leggings match both dresses.

Got this Gymboree set used.

On left is another Mini Boden that we are waiting to grow into. On right is an Osh Kosh sweater that I got last year on super clearance for about $2-3 at the end of the season.

Gymboree, bought ahead on clearance last year.

Brielle also has plenty of hand-me-downs from Raya. These two Naartjie sets are from Raya---these are actually the first sets I ever purchase from Naartjie---the start of my addiction! :-)

I had this sweater dress last year but it was way too big on Brielle. Then found the shirt and jeans from the same line at the consignment store---so now we have a mix and match set !

Both Gymboree, both bought used. Apparently I have a "thing" for this green color haha. Left is Merry and Bright line, right is Winter Cheer.

Both Gymboree, both bought used. I loooooove hoods :-)  Left is Puppy School line, right is Miss Mouse.

Two Gap Halloween shirts, found at consignment store.

Brielle LOVED her giraffe boots last year so I bought another pair for this year haha. She had the zip up hoodie and hat last year too...had to add a few more things to the collection though to make the boots worthwhile :-)

Both Gap, both bought used. On left is a cute with green apples all over! On right is a vest---you can't see in the picture how cute this is....adorable!

Got these on for $2.49 ...both Gymboree!

On left is an Old Navy vest I got on super clearance last year for a couple bucks. On right is a Target blazer that I got on clearance as well. Seriously, how cute will Brielle be in that blazer and jeggings? :-)

Tea Collection! New, but bought on sale to transition to fall.
And lastly, I have a little obsession with Gymboree's "Girls Best Friend" line from 2010. I bought none of this new---but it's become a line that I collect when I stumble across used pieces for really cheap. I just love the colors on Brielle! We actually have more than what's pictured here lol...oops

The little sister shirt and tutu were from last year, but were really big so we'll be wearing again.

My favorite piece is the doggy dress Brielle wore last year though....remember this hilarious photoshoot of the girls fighting?!

We'll call it a night now---don't want someone to turn me into the Hoarders show lol....although if they came to film my girls' closet it would certainly be the cutest (and cleanest!) Hoarders they've ever done :-)

 Back to more vacation pictures on Wednesday---stay tuned!


  1. Love all her clothes!! I love that Mini Boden stuff - that is a brand I love, but have yet to get into! :)

  2. Ooh, love the Matilda Jane outfits. I am still looking for a school pictures MJ outfit for Miss Autumn. I have that Gymbo light blue/brown little sister shirt, but she's outgrown it. Also, love the Gymbo apple outfit!

  3. Cute stuff! Lily has SO much thanks to all the hand me downs from her sister, and from what I buy her. If this baby is a girl, she will be set!

  4. The giraffe boots are adorable! You're girls will by styling for sure this fall! New follower!

  5. You are so freakin' organized. I don't have any fall stuff for my kids and certainly not for Halloween! Everything is SO cute :)

  6. So many cute clothes!

    Charlie has way too many jeans for this fall/winter. Not nearly enough dresses, which I have to fix!

  7. Loving all her clothes. Keira gets all of kaylees hand me downs.

  8. You would make for an AWESOME stylist for some celebs, and their kiddos, out here!
    I am in love with those rainbow jeans. SO CUTE!

  9. That girl has more clothes then me ;) but they are SO cute. Your girls always look adorable

  10. So cute. I love gymboree, are you on

  11. All I can say is Wow!!!!!!!!!

    Grama F

  12. Haha! Those pictures of those two! :-)

    Question - do your girls' closets stay organized? Do you encourage them to pit their own stuff away

    1. Put, not pit. Or do you take care of it?

    2. They share a closet with an organizing system in it. Brielle has her stuff on the top bar so she can't reach it. Raya's is on the bottom so on days when I let her pick out her own outfit she does get it out herself.

      I do all the putting away. I hang everything up except pjs and underwear and organize it with all dresses together, all short sets together, etc. It'd be a mess if they did it! I will probably stay in charge of closets as long as they let me dress them cute. Once that stops I don't care what their closet looks like---then they can be in charge ;-)


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